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{Baby father }



They banged on the door so hard I could hear it in my head..

Before I could say a word the door pushed open revealing the devil herself.

Gush I should have known she's the only one which such nerves...

"Why are you banging on my door that way?!!" I barked at her angrily.

"Relax sugar boy just wanted to talk to you nothing much." She winked which I find irritating..

"Say whatever it is you have to say and get outta my f*cking room. As you can see I'm busy with my fiancee." I glared hard at her..

"Oh I didn't realized you were actually with something."she mockingly said.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Kathy frown deeply..

"You know what? Just get the f outta my room." I half yelled but she seemed persistent.

I angrily got outta bed and walked towards her grabbing hold her arm aggressively and dragged her outta my room .

Maybe its high time I put her in her place.  I dragged her all the way to her room.

"Ouch ! Jay you're hurting me." She complained but I won't listen to any of it.

Have  had it with her Bullshits . I angrily pushed her to the bed making her wince in pain.

."listen and listen good b*tch! I don't fucking care if what you carrying is mine or you leaving in the same house with me. Don't cross your limits or am gonna do something drastic we will but remember for the rest of our lives." I half yelled with so much anger boiling inside of me ..

Everything about her disgust me I feel like snapping her neck.

"Come on baby boy. You and I know how crazy you were about me until that grandma showed up. It doesn't matter If she's your fiancee, we could still catch up on old times if you want." She seductively say and I looked at her with disgust.

I grabbed hold of her neck roughly as I watched her gasp for air.

"Word. You don't get to call her that. Be warned b*tch! This is my last warning to you, the next time its not gonna be this cheeky." I pushed her away from me and walked outta her room leaving her in shock.

I went back to my room to meet kathy who was cuddled up in bed.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I crawled into bed to meet her 

"I was just thinking babe." She turned to Face me and placed a hand on my face.

"And what would my baby be thinking about?" I chuckled.

"What if Keisha's claims were false ? Or the pregnancy isn't yours?" She let it out.




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