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{Baby father }



After the hot love making session with jay he left for the office and I was left all alone in my room tryna watch Netflix when a knock landed on my door .

Who could that be ? Wasn't expecting anyone tho..

"Come in the door ain't locked." I mumbled to their hearing and soon the door pulled open revealing Blake .

"Mind if I come in?" He asked politely and I nodded.

He shut the door behind him and walked towards the couch beside the bed and sat down.

"Someone decides to come see me today? This is so fun." I teased him and he let out a small laugh.

"Am sorry though have been self isolated and keep to myself maybe that's why I don't go checking up on folks." He says with his legs crossed.

If there's one thing have known about Blake was that , he hardly brings home any girl. He seems self isolated and calm too with the bad boy looks.

"Hmm nice I must be special then." I chuckled and I sighed softly..

"I came because of some pressing matters I would like you to look into." He sounded so matured for age 16.

"And what could that be?" I paid him all my attention.

"Jayden, Keisha and the so called pregnancy. Aside myself who else thinks something was off about her and the whole pregnancy thing?" He cocked his brows and relaxed into the couch.

"Well I don't think she's pregnant that too for jay. But then the DNA test kept proving the opposite." I explained and he smiled.

"I smell something fishy about that girl. Jay is a good person and doesn't deserve to be catfished which is i took it upon myself to keep a close eye on her." He says and I let out a sighed.

"I really don't know what to say anymore I just want things to go back to how me and jay was. " I said sadly ..

"Relax Zoey we gat you. Don't think you're going through this alone. Myself and shan tel are always here for you." He assured me and I smiled.

"Wow I'm highly impressed for someone who barely says more than two words." I found myself laughing at him.


"Hey babe." I heard jay say as he planted a kiss on my ear.

I flushed my eyes open to find those cute set of eyes staring back at me .

"Did you miss me?" He smiled and pulled my nose playfully.

"Ofcourse I did miss you. Slept off while waiting for you." I pouts and he chuckled.

"I...." He got interrupted by a rather ungodly knock.



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