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{Baby father }



I went straight to my room and found kathy on the bed watching TV she smiled on seeing me and my anger melted away.

Hey smile means a lot to me and does so many things for me..

"Baby? Are you okay? You look worried?" She asked as she moved closer and cupped my chin in her hand..

"Yeah am fine just worried about you. I really don't want you getting into a fight with Keisha. " I sighed and she looked at me with loving eyes..

"I understand love, I'll try to avoid her. Is that okay by you?" She placed both hands on my shoulders while I held by the waist tightly.

"If you are okay am okay my love. Can't wait for us to get married so I can treat you like a baby and shower you with so much love." I find myself saying and took her lips in mine and kiss her.

She granted me asses immediately as I deepen the kiss and moved her to the bed.

My hands searched the top of the bedside cabinet and found the room to my door and locked it to avoid any uninvited guest.

A hot make out session before going to work won't hurt yeah?

She loosen my tie and toss it across the room as I trailed kisses all over her cleavage..

She moan into space as my lips found it way to her tits and suck em pretty good.

My little man was so hard like a rock ready for action.

I took off my blazer and toss it aside and her fingers lingered around my sleeves and slowly undid the buttons and took off my shirt..I turned her around and Slide her dress Down her shoulders.

She was braless and was only clad in her panties. I smiled at how sexy those pants look ..I bent over and slide it off her legs with my teeth.

She gasps as I did that.

Took off my trouser and dumped it on the floor as I positioned myself inbetween her legs and thrust into her gently.

She let out a loud moan when I filled her honeypot..

I made love to her till we both reached climax and I emptied my cum in her.




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