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I came downstairs all dressed up for work and also had some important business meetings to sort out .

The family were all seated by the diner ready for breakfast.

I smiled and walked towards them and pulled out a chair too.

"Good morning everyone.good morning dear." I greeted and gave Kathy a kiss on the lips..

"Woa its quite early for smooching don't you think?* mom rolled her eyes dramatically and I chuckled..

"Morning bro ." Blake winked at me and I returned the favor.

The maids served breakfast and a cup of expresso for me..

"Kathy is this how clingy he gets?" Shan tel asked and kathy let out a small laugh.

She looks so happy and I was glad she's happy.

Promise to make her happy for the rest of her life..

"Nah.. My baby ain't clingy he just wants his babe ." she defended and I stuck out my tongue at shan tel...

We all began to enjoy breakfast when tragedy struck.

"Having breakfast without me?" She leaned against the wall with her hands folded around her chest 

"Hey come come have a seat. Breakfast has been served."mom forced a smile and I rolled my eyes.

She walked towards my direction and pulled out a chair beside mine.

Kathy sat by my right while she stayed by the left.

Wanted excusing myself but mom had signaled me to behave myself.

"Hmm I see everyone is abit happy today so what's the occasion?" She asked and placed her hand on mine only to receive a glare...

"And that should be none of yah business." Shan tel bore holes on her skin with her eyes.

"Hey relax okay? Whether you like it or not I'm a member of this family and would be nice if you treat me with much respect." She says and I scoff.

"Oh really? Let's see about that." Shan tel was ready for action.

"You know what? Am outta here,.thanks to her royal highness breakfast have been ruined." Kathy said in between clenched teeth and stood up.

She smiled at me and rushed upstairs..

"Good riddance. " she mutters and tries to touch me again but I ended up pushing her off me.

"Go get a life b*tch! You know what mom am done with breakfast too." I stood up and rushed upstairs too angrily..



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