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Operation pregnancy in progress.

Now its time to win the hearts of everyone including the press who are gonna show up later in the day.

Let's see how he's gonna face them head up high.

" this Is so bad, why does he like treating me like shit? I'm pregnant with his child yet he treats me like a nobody." I lamented and his mom sighed in frustration..

Well am just getting started tho.

Shan tel glared hard and walked out on us, leaving me Mrs Cartel and Blake.

His face was expressionless i could barely no his mood at the moment.

"Its okay Keisha a maid will show you to your room. You gon be here till everything is being settled. " she said and I nodded innocently .

"Thanks mom ." I said. She nodded and left also.

Blake glared at me and focused on his phone like I don't exist.

A stood up and  trailed after a maid who took my stuffs and led me upstairs.

Of course I knew this would happen so I came prepared.

We went through the hallway with so many doors and stopped in front of a particular door..

She opened the door to the door and a big wow escaped my lips.

This is really better than I expected. 

"Your room ma'am." She bow slightly and I felt proud. 

Walked into the room for a close observation and happily jumped on the bed but quickly composed myself when I noticed the maid had been watching.

The room has a king sized bed and well furnished and decorated.

"I'll be on my way now. Let me know whenever you need anything." She said and wanted to leave when I stopped her.

"ERM excuse me? Can you tell me which of the doors leads to jay's room." I asked and she swallowed a lump in her throat.

"Come on tell me. No one is gonna know about it." I urged her .

"Its right over there. The glass door on the last is his." She directed and left immediately.

Aww so my baby stays behind the glass door. Well let's find out .

My plan is to move my things into his room not giving a room for kathy.

Was gonna create a fuss between them . jay won't have a choice but to marry me.

I stood up and walked outta the room in smiles and went over to his door.

Without knocking I twisted the doorknob and barged into the room only to meet em cuddled up with each other.

So pathetic.

"Well well what do we have here?" I chuckled and took a seat on the arm chair.

"How dare you barge into my room!!" He barked at me but I cared less.

"Get out keisha!" Kathy mumbled and I rolled my eyes.

"You heard her bitch!! Get the fuck outta my room!" He stared at me like filth.

"Remember jay . whatever I want I get. Tatah! See you around." I waved. With that I walked outta his room.


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