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The living room was in a odd mood as everyone sat down patiently waiting for the test results. Mom sat down with shan tel Keisha sat down opposite myself and Kathy who held on to me.

Keisha won't stop smiling mischievously.

Wondering what she was up to at the moment.

I grabbed a glass of water and handed it to kathy. She took it And sipped from it.

"Am sorry for the delay everyone." The doctor's voice made everyone's divert their  attention to him.

"What does the test say.?" Mom asked.

"It would be best if you see things for yourself." He said and handed a brown envelope over to mom.

My heart beat had increased rapidly as so many possibilities ran through my mind. Kathy entwined our fingers and held on to mine tightly secretly assuring me everything was gonna be alright.

The look on mom's face was that of terror.

Shantel too Wasnt excluded. She took the results from mom and passed it on to me.

I took it with shakey hands and slowly got through its contents.

No!! It can't be! I refuse to believe this is true.

"Do you believe me now? Or you want more DNA test results?" Keisha mockingly said and I felt like strangling her.

Kathy stood up and ran upstairs.

"No mom I don't believe this. There has to be a mix up somewhere, she can't be pregnant for me." I half yelled as my eyes had become so red with anger.

"Relax baby. Its gonna be a boy I promise." Keisha tries to get on my nerves the more.

"I know how you feel jay but at this point I've no choice but to welcome her into the mansion where she's gon stay for the meantime till everything has been cleared." Mom said sadly and I sighed 

"You may be pregnant for me but I'll never accept you now or never!!" I growled and she flinch back in fear.

I angrily went upstairs to find Kathy in tears.

I stayed by the door not knowing the right words to say.

She cling to the sheets as she cried into the pillow.

I moved closer and carried her into my arms...

"Hush now baby. I hate it when you cry." I tried to be calm for her.

" am sorry but I don't know if things are gonna be alright. The test results proof you're responsible and honestly I don't wanna lose you." She sobbed and I hugged her to my chest..

"Its okay baby no one is gon take me  away from you not even Keisha. She can try all she wants but I'm all yours." I reassured her.

"I'm scared. Am really scared. " she pouts and I smile.

Seeing her alone Is enough to subside my anger.

"The last time I checked grandma zoey was a fearless lady." I teased and she burst into laughter.

I know she wasn't expecting that .



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