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I walked towards mom's study room with crossed thoughts. Everything is getting my head messed up i could barely think properly.

"Mom are you busy ?" I asked the moment I slide the glass door to the side.

"Not really son wanna talk?" She took off her glasses and kept it on the desk before her.

I sigh and took a seat opposite hers.

"What's wrong jay you look worried. " she examined my face.

"Everything is wrong mom. Everything."I mumbled.

" look at me baby I trust you and I know Keisha is up to something. Dont let that slow you down." she placed her palm on my face.

"You think ? Mom she's tryna blackmail me with it and I seriously don't know what to do at the moment , have asked for a DNA test and she has agreed to it making me doubt if she's lying " I explained sadly.

"You're a Cartel and we're strong people, we stay back and fight our problems with our heads hope high. We don't give up on something since we can't fix it." She said wisely and I found myself smiling at mom.

She's in deed a wise woman, she always have the answer to any problem.

"I love you Mom. You're my world best."  I said and leaned over to give her a hug.

"I love you too son, just stay happy always remember you gat your family's support all the time." She added and I nodded.

"I'll just be on my way now." I said and walked outta the study room.

Mom's words just gave me a reason to be strong and face the problems ahead head on.

Keisha shouldn't scare me with her threats. She'll have  to be in my mansion while the test is being done because I don't trust her at all.

I went to my room and found kathy cuddled up on bed alone.

Guess she's still shaken about the whole thing.

"Baby I'm back." I announced and crawled into bed.

She looked so disturbed and stressed out.

"How did it go?" She asked.

"You don't get worked up over it okay? Everything will be fine soon and have it in mind that I love you so much. " I made her place her head on my thigh while I stroke her hair tenderly.

"I know am just worried about you, what if it turns out to be true? You gon get married to her?", she asked and I frown.

"Never. I would  die if I don't get married to you. No one can take your place in my heart not even some crazy ass ex. " I pecked her lips.

"Promise?"she pouts like a child.

"I cross my heart and hope to die. All I need from you is your love and trust.that's good enough for me." I entwined our fingers and placed a kiss on it.



  1. Not by mouth but by action. She is way above you in this game. Step up your game guy. Thanks writer



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