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This whole thing I seriously confusing and frustrating. 

"Please talk to me please." He says said and I felt he was being sincere and pulled him up .

"Its okay jay , I love you and we gon get through this together. " I assured him and placed a kiss on his hair.

"Thank you so much ❤ I love you and I promise to fix this ." he said and I nodded.

"First thing first jay you have to talk to mom. She needs to know about all this so it won't get any complicated." I reminded him and he sigh.

"Relax okay ? You'll be just fine. Am right by your side." I gave him hope and he pulled me into a kiss and I responded.

"Love you ! Be right back." He says and rushed outta the room.

I have a bad feeling about this whole drama.

Deep down I really hope this whole thing ain't true. Its quite obvious jay had an affair with Keisha but that doesn't mean she should force a pregnancy on him.

I heaved a sigh and sat down on the arm chair beside the bed..

Will have to do something about this. Keisha is corny and desperate, she'll do anything.

🤘🏼 Keisha 🤘🏼

Omg this is much fun than I expected.😂

Each time I plan something am always one step ahead.

Bark all you want baby boy but there's nothing absolutely nothing you can do stop what's coming.

"Keisha you're a genius." Grandma said and offered me a plate of biscuits.

" yeah yeah that's right. Let's see how he gon get married to that girl. How dare try to leave me for such crap!" I rolled my eyes.

"So what's up with the DNA tests?" She asked and I bursted out laughing.

"Seems don't know what I have installed for them. The DNA test will be conducted by his most trusted doctors which I know about. Well I've them sorted out." I took out time to explain.

She was thrilled By my strategy.

"You go girl!!" She screamed.

"Who's the bad girl now?"  I asked.

"Keisha all the way." She replied. Yeah that what I wanted to hear.

" bye grandma I'll back by five." I smiled and pecked her on both cheeks.

"Bye baby girl, see you around." She says while I walked towards the exit.

Its time to pay those doctors a final visit. Am sure they gon love one more drip😉😉

Cat walked towards my car and got in, brought the engine to life and drove outta grandma's place. 

Grandma is the only person that believes in me.

This shit is about to get real because am gon step up my game.



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