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I watched the door close behind her. My brain had gone blank. No that's impossible, keisha can't be pregnant for me.

I try to work but I just couldn't concentrate on what I was doing. Her words kept ringing in my head.

I abandoned work totally and left my cabin holding my blazer in one hand and uses the other hand to adjust my tie because it feels tight.

Got to my car and drove outta the company. 

I kept hitting the steering repeatedly for I could barely pay attention to driving.

Wtf is wrong with me? Focus man focus.


I managed to get to mansion in one peace. Got outta the car ignoring everyone and walking towards the entrance and just in time Kathy came to welcome me.

"Look who's back. His babe." She happily throw her arms around me .

"How was your day love ?" I fake a smile and pecked her forehead.

"Boring without you. " she pouts childishly but her face turned into a frown after so much observation.

Oh gush.

"Baby are you okay?" She asked with concern.

"Yeah..yeah of course am just tired at the moment." I lied.

She looked at me for a moment and nodded slowly.

"Anyways I missed you so much." I placed my arm around her waist and together we walked into the mansion.

Guess who decided to show up?

"Jay baby." Mom smiled upon seeing me.

My mood lighten the moment I saw her.

"Hi mom." I walked towards her and gave her a hug.

"I've missed my baby boy so much. Gush you look so thin , what have they been feeding you with?"she teasingly said and I find myself laughing.

"Oh great mommy is back jay be acting crazy." Blake said with so much sarcasm.

I glared at him...

"Come my dear. Have you too ." mom pulled Kathy into her arms..

"Am so tired mom I'll just go shower and come back here." I sighed.

Haven't really seen shan tel she's probably out.

"Alright baby go freshen up you look so tired."she said and I nodded before taking the stairs.

Kathy was busy with mom catching up I guess.

Went upstairs to my bedroom and dumped myself on the couch tiredly.

Look how happy my family is right now. Telling them about this is only gonna bring up so many issues.

I took off my tie and toss aside. Undid my button and took off my sleeves.

My phone buzzing sound got me thinking.

It was a call from an unknown number. .

I hesitated before picking up. 

📲 Jayen speaking." I said Calmly.

📲 relax baby boo I know you the one."her voice hit me hard.

📲 what do you want now? Look if its money you want am gonna give it up just stop this silly joke of yours " I said in between gritted teeth.

📲 call it whatever you want honey i don't want your money I want you and trust me when I say whatever I want I go for it." She chuckled.

📲 you must be outta your mind."I angrily hang up on her..

Gush this is so frustrating.

"Baby ? You've freshen up yet?" Kathy caught me off guard thank goodness she didn't listen to my conversation.

"Yea tryna rest up abit." I lied .



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