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I lifted her up and sprung her around, am so happy right now. 

"I never knew that I could feel that much. and that’s the way I love you." I mumbled and pecked her on the forehead.

."Right now the only thing that I a really sure abut is that I Love You." She smiled ,i felt the urge to kiss her and I did.

I took her lips in mine while shan tel and the rest cheered us.

She pulled away shyly and rested her head on my shoulder.

"Alright that's quite enough lovebirds. Save the rest for later." Shan tel teased and I found myself laughing at how funny she sounded.

Thanks to her crazy ideas of proposing to Kathy in the mall. I finally got the lady I love so much all to me.

"Let's go home baby." I Spoke and she nodded affirmatively..


I blind folded her and slowly led her upstairs to my bedroom.

"Where are we heading to? I can't really see a thing " she whined as we got to the last staircase.

"Relax baby girl we almost there." I assured and took her to my room doorstep.

"Are we there yet?" She asked.

"Yeah. Are you ready?" I asked as I opened the door to my room ready to take off her blindfold..

"Ready when you are." She chuckled and I went behind and slowly took off the blindfold.

A big wow escaped her lips when she saw the changes shantel did to my room.

"Omg this Is so amazing " she walked into the room while I trailed behind.

"You like it yeah?" I asked even though I know she would love it.

"Are you kidding me ? Ofcourse I like it " she trailed her finger on the rose petals on the bed and I hugged her from behind.

She turned to face me and I ended up taking her lips in mine kissing her like never before ....

    She granted me assess and playfully bit her tongue she gasp into the kiss 

I sneaked my arms around her waist pulling her even closer.

'Promise me you won't stop no matter what." She moan into my mouth and I nodded for all I wanted at the moment was her .

I wasn't gonna hold back either.

Slowly lay her on the bed without breaking the kiss.

Her fingers lingered around my belt and took em off roughly.

Wow someone Is in the mood.

I slowly took off my dress and  found out she wasnt wearing bra. F"ck i took her tits into my mouth and gave equal judgment to both while her moans sent shock waves down my whole system.

I took off my trouser alongside my shirt.

She bit her lips sexily making me want her even more.

I gently ripped off her pants and toss it aside ..

She's dripping wet at the moment.

I positioned myself in between her legs and slowly thrust into her ..

Her moans came out muffled as I tried not to hurt her.

Slowly she beginning to adjust to my d*ck.

Her moans turned to that of pleasure and I make love to her. Could feel my cum and I ended up Cumming in her.

Collapsed on the other side of the bed tiredly. As we both try to catch our breaths




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