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What just happened? Jay hasn't ignored me before so why the sudden change of attitude.

My guess its about last time but I thought we talked about it?

I sighed and glanced at shan tel but she also left before I could utter a word.

Why is everyone avoiding me?.

I resigned to faith and headed towards the garden outside..

The roses sure smelt so good.

I plugged out one and inhaled it slowly. Jay smelt like roses and I love roses.

My attention was drawn to jay and shan tel leaving the mansion in a quite a hurry.

They acted like they didn't see me. Wtf is wrong with everyone why are they avoiding me like shit?.

I angrily left the garden and headed towards my room. Got into my room and slumped on my bed and played with my phone.


The buzzing sound of my phone woke me outta dreamland.

I picked it up and glanced at the screen to my surprise it was shan tel.

Oh so she finally remembered I existed?

I picked up and placed it on my ear.

📲 hello shan tel so you finally remembered there's someone like at home yeah?" I rolled my eyes dramatically.

📲 no time to jokes you need to be power mart asap , something went wrong with jay. Hurry up please." With that she hang up on me.

What does she mean by something went wrong with jay? 

I didn't bother to have a change of clothes. I ran outta the mansion in fear as I thought about jay 

What could have happened to him? He looked so healthy when he left with shan tel.

I really hope it isn't what I think it is.

Raced into the street tryna flag down a cab lucky for me I found one.

Quickly stepped and and asked him to drive without description.

"Power mart." I voice out the moment I realized I haven't told him where I was headed.

Please God keep em save for me. I prayed in my heart.

The car came to halt infront the shopping mall.

I payed him and didn't bothered for my change.

All I cared about at the moment was jay. The entrance door to the mart seem closed.

I pushed it open and what I saw shock the shit outta me.

"Surprise!!' All the staffs chorused confusing me the more.

Shan tel stood side by side them happily.

Is this a joke or something?

"Mind telling me what's going on here?" I asked with a frown. Instead of a decent reply they all began to part ways for someone at the middle.

Behold it was jay. I still don't understand what's going on at the moment.

Before I could utter a word he walked towards me and went down on one knee and brought out a ring box.

Omg!!!! Omg !!

"My God!" I gasped surprised.

"The hardest thing I have done is acting like I hate you, when really I love you more than you will ever think. If I could chose between loving you and breathing I would use my last breathe to say I LOVE YOU. " he paused  and stared me for a brief  while and boom he said the word.

"Marry me Miss Katherine Zoey." He stretched fourth the ring box.

I did the craziest thing by screaming so loud.

"Yes!! Yes !! I'll marry you ." I screamed in excitement and he happily wore the ring on my finger before standing up and pulling me into a hug.



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