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{Baby father }


⭕ JAYDEN ⭕   

Later at noon, i took a shower and wore something worth looking at and styled my hair backwards.

I could swear keisha would be head over heels for this is the last thing before the wedding which I'd announced to hold tomorrow.

Well she's definitely happy things are going her way not knowing she's gonna drown in her stupidity.

I picked up my phone and dialed kathy's line.

Ever since the little drama we have been meeting secretly and also talking on the phone in private too.

I really miss her so much. Can't wait to get this over with and go back to my baby girl.

She picked up on the second dial.

📲 Hello love." I smiled unconsciously.

📲was really hoping to see your call." I knew she had pouted her lips right now making me chuckle.

📲 am so sorry baby had to set things right with mom and shan tel. Am gonna make it up to you right after my date with keisha." I announced and she scoff.

📲 hmm is that really necessary? Going on a date with Keisha means she's gonna want to be romantic with you." She sounded rather jealous there was no doubt about it.

📲 wait! Is that Katherine's jealousy?" I cracked up and i felt her rolled her eyes.

📲 call it whatever you want. If she dare touch you am gonna break every single bone on her fingers. See you by 5." She said and hang up on me making me laugh.

Kathy can be annoying sometimes and also cute too.

I sighed in satisfaction and walked outta my room with a smile and headed towards Keisha's doorstep.

Without hesitation i knocked gently and shortly she came outta the room clad in a red Georgia Victorian period dress.

He cling to her body tightly bringing out her curves.

No matter how hard i try to admire her in the dress i couldn't because i somehow find her irritating and wouldn't miss a,chance to get away from her.

"You look amazing my darling." I sweet coated her and she blushed heavily.

"You don't look bad yourself." She tried to hide her flushed cheeks and i inwardly cursed myself..

"Shall we?" I stretched forth my hand and she happily placed her hand in mine while we walk hand in hand descending the stairs like a couple.

I opened the door for her and help her get into the backseat of the car and went through the other door before asking the driver to drive.

Was taking her on a fake date at the most fanciest restaurant in the city.

Funny enough the restaurant actually belongs to me but no one knows about it. Planning on opening up to Kathy soon before transferring ownership of the place to her.



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