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{ in love with my neighbor }



"Make sure everything is perfectly good okay?" I said to the interior decorator and he nodded in agreement.

I moved around all the decorations that was being done in my penthouse and I wanted everything to be perfect wanna propose to Kylie and this was the best shot have got.

Making sure everything was fine outside I went over to the kitchen which was looked like the whole place had been set up as all the cooks moved around trying to get the dishes ready.

I sigh tiredly. What if she doesn't like the decorations?

Really hope she likes it though.

I took out the beautiful ring which was crafted outta pure gold.


I sigh in frustration as I took off my clothing and walk towards the shower.

Mom would be here with kylie soon and I needed to get dressed.

Wore a black Armani suit and a white sleeve which cling to my body.

My hair was styled backwards giving me that vampire look .


"Are we there yet mom?" I whined for I couldn't see a thing mom had blindfolded me saying she has a surprise for me.

"Don't worry my child we're almost there." She sounded rather happy had no choice but to relax on the backseat.

Haven't seen kelvin all day, his lines went off and I couldn't help but get worried.

I smiled unconsciously thinking about my perfect boyfriend.

He's one of a kind and the world best boyfriend which I probably can't live without.

The car came to halt and I assumed we'd arrived at the location of the surprise.

She came outta the car first and went over to help me out.

I held on to her palm tightly and walked gently by her guidance.

We went through a building which I couldn't see and soon we stopped and I felt her hand on the blindfold.

"Are you ready my dear?" She asked and I nodded unconsciously.

She took off my blindfold swiftly and I gasps on seeing the sight before me.



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