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{ in love with my neighbor }



I sighed tiredly and pulled her to me.

Kylie is known for her kind and fragile heart. She learned to forgive no matter the circumstances.

I love her so much because she has a heart of gold and is not quick to judge someone.

She always put everyone first before herself. I doubt if there's anyone else like her.

"Everything is gonna be fine okay?" I assured her and she nodded sadly cuddling up with me while I stroke her hair tenderly.

Was then I decided to make her mine forever and give her all the wonder memories of marriage which she never felt in her married life.

We stayed that way till she dozed off on my arm. Such crazy looking girlfriend.

I bet she didn't sleep all night for she spent her sleeping hours watching over me.

What more could i possibly want? When I've got Kylie in my life.

I placed a kiss on her forehead and she pouts in her sleep , I couldnt help but laugh at how Charming she looked even in her sleep.


"Wake up sleeping beauty." I whispered into her ears before planting soft kisses on it.

"Hmm?? Are we there yet?"she mumbled while rubbing her eyes with the back of her palm.

"We arrived at the mansion 2minutes ago."I smiled and took her hand while we walked towards the entrance door together.

Kylie didn't waste much time downstairs as she rushed upstairs completely forgetting she came with someone.

My guess,she still feels sleepy.

I smiled and shook my head before taking the stairs.

Was told by a maid that mom was in her room.

Couldn't knock on her door instead I walked in and scanned the whole room.

My eyes fell on her on the bed going through a certain novel which I really loved reading when I was a teenager.

'Fifty shades of grey'

I sighed and walked towards her before seating besides her.

"Mom am sorry."I mumbled and placed my head on her chest.

"I know I didn't deserve to be standing in front of you after breaking my promise to you and making you go through a lot because of my mistakes. Am really sorry mom I promise I'm a changed person Now. Kylie gave me a reason to become a better person ." I blurted out tiredly.

I closed my eyes as I felt her hand on my back.

"Its okay son I forgive you." She smiled weakly and I gave her a happy hug.

"I love you mommy you're one in a million." I complimented and she chuckled.

"Love you even more my baby."



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