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{ in love with my neighbor }



Why does my heart aches seeing him in that condition? Was it because I once thought I felt something for him or because I'd decided to forgive him.

He didn't deserve to suffer atleast not this way.

Ashley running away only made things worst for he was left alone to suffer.

Kendrick is a strong person and I believe he would pull through just fine.

After signing the discharge papers I went back to Angel's ward to find him trying to put on his shirt.

For a while I drooled over his masculine figure even though he had bandage around his shoulder he still looked smoking hot.

"Don't drool too much baby." He smirked and I snapped the hell outta it and walked towards him with my face which had become so red with embarrassment.

I helped him put on His shirt while I stood before him and did the buttons one after the other.

His eyes never left mine for a second as he kept staring deep into my eyes like he was searching for something with no expression on his face.

He grabbed my hand when I did the last one and planted a kiss on it.

"I love you so much miss Quinn." He smiled and I blush heavily.

"Love you more than I'll ever imagine my Angel." I sounded like a highschool teenager who just fell in love.

He locked my hand in between his and together we walked outta the ward while his driver walked in and grabbed his things.

We walked through the wards on the second floor as everyone could'nt help but stare at how strong and passionate our love for each other was.

He smiled and waved at the kids who in turn wave back at him happily.

All this while I was tryna see if I could find ken but there was no sign of him.

Walking out ta the hospital together to fall into the hands of the press.

Luckily we were able to escape their crazy questions thanks to the securities who guided us to our car and the driver brought the engine to life and drove off.

I placed my head on the window while staring at the view ahead.

A sigh escaped my lips unconsciously.

"Are you alright?" He asked calmly and I heaved a sigh.

"I met ken at the hospital." Paused to look at him but his expression was unreadable.

"He's dying of colon cancer Angel."I looked away sadly.

"Hmm?" He expression was still motionless.

I couldn't tell if he was angry at the mention of ken's name or not.



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