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{ in love with my neighbor }    



My body went cold when I heard that familiar voice called out my name softly.

What is he doing in Paris or am dreaming? 

So many questions ran through my head as I refused to face him.

"Kylie please look at me." He said with a soft voice which held so much guilt in them.

I summoned so much courage and I turned to look at the man who subjected me to torture because of the so called marriage.

The same person who treated me like trash and think of me less than a hooker.

But right now this person before me isn't the same as,the Kendrick who derives joy in seeing my tears or would come home drunk and turn me into his punching bag. This person before me look rather paled and thin in appearance.

What went wrong with him? I looked around him but couldn't find his lover Ashley.

As if knowing what I was looking for he answered me.

"She left me." He sounded sad and I could feel pain in his voice.

A part of me was so angry at me and don't wanna see his face and another part of me wanted to know why he looked this,way.

I still wasn't saying anything for I really don't know the right words to use.

"Oh I see." I managed to say and tried walking away but he stopped me before I could move.

"Am really sorry Kylie don't leave please just listen to me and I promise not to bother you again."he sounded sincere and I sighed sadly before walking towards the chair beside him and sat down reluctantly.

"I'm dying Kylie. Ashley left me because I was diagnosed of colon cancer at stage 3." He said and I couldn't help but feel his pain.

"I'm so sorry I didn't know."I said with pity written all over my face.

"Its okay I guess I'm paying for all my sins. I really wish you could find a place in your heart to forgive me. Never realized I'd lost a diamond while searching for stones." He smiled at me weakly.

I took his hand in mine and looked at him.

"I've forgiven you ken. I don't see why I should hold any grudge with you when God had decided to replace my tears with someone that loves me despites my imperfections." I smiled back at him and he sighed.

He mumbled something under his,breath which I didnt actually hear.

"I'm certain you'll be fine. " I caress his palm tenderly before letting go of it.

"Thank you Kylie for forgiving me at least I know am gonna be happy even in death." He said and I gave him a puzzled look but shrugged.

"I'm leaving now . bye and take good Care of yourself you'll do just fine."I assured him and he nodded at me.



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