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{ in love with my neighbor }




Was more than glad Kelvin was okay. He's like the air i breath and can't possibly live without his love.

I made his lunch and was happily feeding it to him.

All this while his gaze never left mine and he smiled unconsciously.

"What's on your mind huh?" I raised my eyebrows and he grinned.

"You. You. You!!" He sounded rather childish and i let out a smile laugh even my cheeks were so red.

I love how his words had an effect on me.

"Thank you." He further spoke as i napped his mouth with a tissue.

"For what?" I asked keeping the lunch box aside.

" for being there for me and loving me dearly despite all my short comings. I love you so much." He said and I could feel my eyes becoming teary.

He's the best Man in the world even though he made past mistakes I'm not in the right place to judge but one thing I was certain of was that he's a good man.

"I love you more baby."I said and he crashed his lips on mine. At first the kiss turned out to be rather soft and gently as he kissed me like I was tender and fragile .

He slide his tongue into my mouth as our tongues fought for dominance.

I could feel myself getting turned on when someone cleared their throat and we pulled away from each other.

"I'm sorry for interrupting but I would like Miss Quinn to sign some papers so you can be discharged today." It was the doctor and he was red with embarrassment making me chuckle.

Angel looked at me with those hazel eyes softly. It was obvious he Never wanted the kiss to end neither did I but what chances do I have ?

"Alright doc I'll do that right away." I smiled at him and he nodded.

"Good I guess you can go back to enjoying yourselves." He winked and walked outta Angel's ward.

I turned to Angel and gave him a brief kiss before getting off him.

"I'll be right back baby."I said and walked towards the door.

"Please don't stat too long and don't talk to that stupid doctor." He said rolling his eyes dramatically.

"Is that jealousy I smell?" I chuckled at his cute face when he's jealous and left him.

Walking pass some many wards on the second floor. Angel stayed in one of the VIP rooms on the third floor.

The VIP ward was a total different ward for the rich and influential folks or probably anyone who can afford it.

Classy is another term for a VIP ward is where one gets special treatment and has asses to all other features.

I smiled at a kid who sat down at the lobby holding hands with a man who seem like her dad.

My body froze on that spot when someone called out my name.



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