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{ in love with my neighbor }



I grunts softly as i felt pain all over me. Tryna open my eyes for my vision were not clear yet.

Blink rapidly and slowly my eyes were starting to adjust to the light and soon i discovered that i wasn't my room.

Where am i? I barted my lashes and looked around the room that was when i Realized i was in a hospital..

Try getting up but i groan in pain as i remembered I'd an injury which they most have covered up.

Gush my legs feel so numb at the moment . makes me wonder if i also got shot on the feet.

I sigh sadly and laid back and close my eyes like someone who is sleeping when i suddenly heard the door open.

I didn't bother to see who it was. She held my hand in that same form and i felt something wet on my forehead making me open my eyes to meet with hers staring back at me.

Wanted so badly to tell her i was truly sorry and kiss her all over but she placed a finger on my lips urging me to stop moving and i did.

"You'll be fine soon baby." She assured and i slowly nodded.

Right now i feel so pathetic but all the same im Lightheaded at the moment.

Kylie has forgiven me which made me so happy.

"I love you." I said trailing my left fingers on her cheek.

Am really glad i met someone like this otherwise my life would have gone side ways ..

She's the reason am still alive she breathing. I love her with all of me and i would die or go crazy If she decides to leave me.

"I love you even more. Don't scare me like that even more." She murmured and peck my lips but i pulled her back and took her lips in mine kissing her passionately like she was gonna vanish.



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