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{ in love with my neighbor }



I paced back and forth the lobby impatiently waiting for answers which no one was able to give.

My head had began to hurt from all the crying.

He has to be fine , he just have to . I admitted that I was indeed angry at him but honestly speaking I can't do without him..

I love him more than I'll ever imagine. Haven't felt this way before not with Kendrick.

Turns out what I felt for Kendrick were mere infatuations but what i feel for kelvin is pure love.

"ERM miss??" The doctor smiled alittle.

"How is he now?" I asked with  concern written all over my face.

"He's stable for now, will be up shortly ."he explained and i let out the breath i never knew i was holding.

"Can i see him please?" 

"I'm sorry but you'll have to wait for 2hours. He needs his rest, while he's resting why don't you go home and rest alittle.

You've been pretty worked up ever since." The doctor advised and i sighed.

Maybe i also need to rest for have been up all the time making sure he's okay.

I left the hospital and took the car home. Mom was reported to be bedridden.

I strolled upstairs to her and slowly opened the door.

She laid in bed unable to say a word due to the shock she felt.i move closer and sat on her bed before gently stroking her hair.

"Mommy?" I mumbled and hugged her from behind.

"Please tell me he's okay?" She finally spoke tho there was strings of sadness in her voice.

"Yes he's . i came home to check on you." Explained and she nodded.

"Rest alot mom I'll be right back.*i assured and she smiled faintly before closing her eyes again.



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