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{ in love with my neighbor }



It was a beautiful morning even though it wasn't as beautiful as Kylie.

I really can't wait to walk down the Aisle with her by my side.

She had gone to the bathroom for a shower while I stayed behind going through some valid documents which I believe came from my company.

Its been awhile I'd paid full attention to my company for I'd left it in the care of mother who took out time to handle both companies and turns out she was doing well.

"Someone had been busy  with their thoughts laterly." I barted my lashes when I heard her voice.

Was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn't notice her walk outta the baths.

"Hmm? What do you know?" I hummed and watch her walk towards the closet and wore one of my sleeves which looked so elegant and delicate against her skin.

"I know that you're thinking about something." She gave me a much sweeter smile which only melted my heart like ice.

" wanna know what the something was ?" I cocked my brows waiting for her answer.

"Nah let's just go down for breakfast darling." She suggested and I nods.

Standing up on my feet and walked towards the door with Kylie who was ahead of course.

We descended down the stairs holding hands but something was off as mom sat by the couch with a frightened look.

"Mom?" I called out only to see the last person I never expected to see pointing a gun at mom.

"I was wondering when you would show up darling." She had a wicked smile plastered on her face.

"What do you want you Maggie?" I said in between clenched teeth even though I sounded rather calm.

" I believe its high time I came back to see the man who'd used and dumped me." She sounded so cheeky while Kylie looked at me in confusion.

"Stop tho madness while you still can." I smirked and mom who had began to sobber for she was scared to death.

"Aww tryna get me to leave huh? Am sorry honey but ain't leaving yet until I properly introduce myself to this darling of yours." She said and pointed the gun at kylie then back to mom.

Kylie who stood still with an expressionless face turned to stare at me for brief moment before turning to meet with mom's gaze.

Maggie was once a girl he had runned shit with.

She wasn't the typical kinda girlfriend anyone would hope for rather she was a complete psychopath.



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