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{ in love with my neighbor }



Tommy's words stuck to my brains as I kept thinking about what he'd said about not trusting anyone.

I rode in a cab to my mansion and paid the cab driver before walking pass the gates which automatically opened.

Taking the stairs to my room and racking my fingers through my hair which had become rufflant thanks to my fingers.

Getting to my room only to find mom and Kylie together, they seem to be having a conversation where as Kylie won't stop smiling.

"Am I interrupting?" I raised my eyebrow and took off my coat which I placed on the coat stand.

"Of course not. I was only telling Kylie here about your childhood." Mom said and I felt embarrassed.

"Don't tell me you guys were busy gossiping about me ? Ttch! What a  joke."I rolled my eyes and sat down right beside Kylie who still had the head bandage on.

"Come on Chase don't be such a cry baby." Mom teased making Kylie laugh.

I ignored her and focused more on Kylie.

"Hey are you okay? Did you get hurt anywhere?" I bump her with so many questions.

"Relax Angel am fine just a slide headache but I'll be fine." She smiled brightly and I sigh.

Its all because of me she's in this state. I'm gonna find the bastards responsible for this and make each one of them pay forever trying to hurt my girl.

"Are you okay ? You look worried." Mom asked and I waved It off.

"Its nothing mom am fine." I let out a breath I never knew I was holding.

"In that case I'll be on my way now. See you guys around." Mom smiled and walked outta my room.

Kylie stared at me for awhile and rested her head on a pillow.

I tuck a strand of her hair behind and stared at her lovingly before kissing her forehead.

Its a surprise for me to be madly in love with someone.

right now I feel like my world revolve around her.

I would die If anything happens to her.

"Why are you staring at me like that? Is there something on my face?" She pouts like a child and I smile.

"There's nothing on your face I just couldn't stop admiring the one who stole my heart." I pinched her nose playfully.



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