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{ in love with my neighbor }



I groan as I held on to my head which was hurting so badly.

Gush! It hurts so much. I flushed my eyes open and tried to adapt to the ray of light reflecting right at my face.

I tried to seat up but it was so impossible for me for my body hurts like hell.

Glance around the room tryna remember how i got here for I had no recollection of what happened 

The last thing I remembered was taking ice cream with Angel when his car blew up.

"I see you're awake." I heard a deep feminine voice. I diverted my gaze to the door and found a lady who's probably in her 50's standing by the door.

By the looks I could tell she was the mother of Kelvin. They had a stricking resemblance ehich didn't take me time in noticing.

"Yeah but my head hurts." I whined massaging my forehead with my fingers.

"Its normal you feel a slight internal pains but rest assured you'll be fine." She says calmly and walked into the room and took a seat on the couch.

My eyes left her face which looked soft and sillky. My gaze fell on her fingers ehich got so many rings adorned to it.

They were all gold.

"Thanks." I find myself saying while trying to adjust.

"So tell me baby girl. Who is this girl that got my son on cloud 99.?" She chuckled at her words and I smiled a bit.

"I'm Kylie ma'am." I smiled and she smiled back at me too.

"Its nice to finally meet you even though I was curious to meet the girl who made him so happy." She pick up the vogue magazine laying just beside the couch.



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