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{ in love with my neighbor }



I sat down patiently at the lobby waiting for him to be pulled out. Soon he was being dragging outta a office and brought to the spot where I stood.

He grinned on seeing me.

Wondered what that was. I Snapped my fingers and the guard who understood what I meant gave us some privacy immediately.

" if it isn't my best pal." His sounded sarcastic.

"How are you doing Tommy?" I ignored his stupid grin which he had on..

"To what do I owe this visit? The last time I checked you we're the one who locked me up in here so why are you here?" He frown and I sighed frustrated by the whole thing.

The last 72hours of my life had been the happiest until an Hour ago.

" relax Tom I only came here to talk." I tried to be calm as possible.

"Oh really? I guess you came to talk about this?" He smirked pointing to the TV which hung perfectly to the wall.

A video of my car bombing was all over this news and papers in just an hour.

Ttch!! How all things travel so far in just an hour.

" yeah because I believe there's something you ain't telling me." I smiled and put out my left hand on the table.

"Wow so you think you can just walk in her looking all classy and starts asking me questions which am supposed to answer yeah? Think again." I said even though i was so tempted to punch him , I still kept my cool and gave him a very mischievous smile.

"Okay then I guess I'll leave since you really enjoy staying in here than sharing info that might get you outta here in ggs next 2minutes." I tilted my head backwards and stood up ready to leave even though I wasn't gonna leave for I know Tommy to be desperate he'll do whatever it takes to get outta here.

Well I've other plans for him.

"Wait" he spoke and I turned to look at him.

"I guess you finally getting good at processing things this quicker." I teased and sat down waiting for his answers.

"They'll kill me if I ever reveal their identity. All I can is that you shouldn't trust anyone for the people tryna hurt you are really close to you. " he said and I hummed.



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