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{ in love with my neighbor }



I stood at the entrance waiting for her to show up so we could leave.

Mom had been waiting for both of us. Won't wanna delay any further.

By the way I arranged a ride for both us since there's nothing to hide anymore.

She's yet to see it and sure she's gonna scream.

"Bye mom bye dad." I heard say as she walked towards the spot I stood but froze suddenly when she saw the latest BMW model parked right outside her premises.

"Don't tell me that belongs to you?" She furrowed her brows and I let out a small laugh.

"We'll know about that later. Shall we?" I smiled and took her hand and together we walked towards the car.

I opened the other side for her and she got while I took the driver's side.

"Wow!" Escaped her lips as she relaxed into the leather seat.

I ignited the engine which sounds so pleasant to the ear and drove outta her parents property.

This time ain't leaving my car behind I'll be flying with it.


We arrived at the airport which holds my private plane and drove into the bad with my car.

"This is so cool." Kylie shook her head and looked at me.

"Tip of the iceberg I presumed. Come let's get you settled in." I said and walked ahead of her while she trailed after me..

Took her to the fanciest room in the plane and made her seat down for the plane was just about to take off.

"Baby?" I took her hand and planted a kiss on it.

"Hmm?" She answered while staring deep into my eyes like she was searching for something.

"I love you and wants to spend the rest of my life with you. " I smiled taking in my buttom lips in..

I get the feeling like something bad was gonna happen once we get to Paris..

My heartbeat had increased rapidly ever since we boarded this plane.

I know nothing is gonna happen as long as I have her besides me.

"I love you more. You look worried is anything wrong? She asked with a concern look..

"Its nothing I'm fine now as long as you here with me ." I smiled and took her lips in mine which she responded to immediately.



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