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{ in love with my neighbor }



I darted my lashes and glance down at the beauty laying beside me.

He's indeed a beauty in male form. Last night was epic. 

He made me feel special and loved. Haven't had such love making before.

I smiled at my naughty thoughts and crawled outta bed naked and walked ttowards bathroom for a shower. 

I hopped in the shower and let the cold water beat against my skin.

All I could think of was how his touch made me feel. 

How his kisses drives me crazy and his voice made me go gaga.

I close my eyes and trailed my fingers all over my body imagining it to be him doing that to me right now.

My entire body system froze when I felt a hand sneaked around my waist from behind and pulled me closer.

"Having shower without  me again?" He whispered into my ear and bit my ear lobe teasingly.

A moan escaped my mouth as pleasure ran through my body.

" didn't wanna wake you up." I managed to say as his fingers found it way to my tits and cupped it in his arms and smooch it slowly..

"And now I'm up." His voice came out huskily as he slide a finger into my honey pot and thrust in and out slowly.

His hot breath fanned my shoulders making me want him even. 

He sure knows how to make a woman bend to his will.

A moan escaped my mouth as he slammed me against the wall still finger f*cking mr from behind.

My whole body was on fire as he planted kisses all over my shoulder , making sure to leave hickeys.

His c*ck had become so hard as they pressed against my butt..

Can't deny the fact that he's so big. 

He took my hand and pressed it against the wall as he inserted his d*ck from behind and move in and out ta me in a steady mood.

I was a crazy moaner and won't hold back my moans. Gush he's so good.

Haven't felt this way before not even with Kendrick who made me hate sex.

"Come on baby beg me to f*ck you!" He groan softly and bit my ear again.

"Please baby don't stop " I found myself saying.

He increased his pace and my moans were growing louder.

He pulled out and turned me over before slamming me against the cold bathroom tiles.

He made me hang my legs around his waist as he thrust in and outta me with so much love..



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