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{ in love with my neighbor }



I made her lay down not breaking the kiss and slowly took off her bathrobe. 

Everything about her look so beautiful I couldn't resist her.

I wanted it to be special and be the best she has ever had.

She moan softly when my lips found it way to her nipple. I suck on it pretty good and planted kisses all over her body.

She fondle with my hair urging me to do more. 

"F*ck! Baby you're so hot." I blurrted out as i went down below and trailed both hands on her thighs slowly.

She loves it when I do that. She loves how her body surrenders to me.

"Baby?"I called out.

"Hmm?" It came out like a moan.

"I want you so badly. Your body is so intoxicating I can't seem to resist." I said huskily and planted kisses on her long straight leg.

"Am all yours baby." She said out loud and my little man responded to it.

I brought my face closer and teased her clit with my tongue. She shuttered as I did that 

Her moans were getting pretty loud I had to cover mouth with my palm and gave her a head of a lifetime.

Soon her orgasm were all over my mouth. I licked it all up with my tongue and watch her take off my bathrobe.

My baby girl wanna be bad for me.

I got in between her legs and leaned over to kiss her.

"I just want you to know that I'll never give you a reason to cry or get sad. I love you unconditionally and your flaws doesn't change anything." I stated and she nodded.

I took her lips in mine and kiss her slowly as adrenaline course through my body.

My little man was so hard. I slowly thrust into her and entwined our fingers.

She gasps and tighten her grip on me as I moved in and outta with so much love.

Damn she's still so tight. 

Her moans filled the whole room As I couldn't stop her from waking everyone else.

It wasn't like anything have had before. It was love making and every part of was it  filled with so much love.

I never wanted all of this end. Wanna wake up every morning beside her.


After a hot section of love making we stayed in bed cuddled up with each other as I stroke her hair gently.

"I love you Angel." She spoke and I smile.

"You're my treasure ❤ and I love you with all of me. Wanna wake up every morning knowing full well you're part of my mornings "  I pecked her on the forehead.




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