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{ in love with my neighbor }



After a heart felt shower I came out in a bathrobe and walk pass Angel who seem busy with his phone.

 I stood before him but still wasn't noticed and at that moment I felt the need to go naughty right now.

"Babe?" I called.

"Yeah?" He responded not sparing me a glance.

"Are you even listening?" I groan.

"Yeah I'm listening." He says still focused on his phone.

"Pay attention Angel." I mumbled and took off my bathrobe , it fell to the floor and he turned to look at me.

He glanced at me from head to toe in a sexy way and smiled.

"Come here." He whispered audibly and I moved closer.

He stood up and trailed his finger on my cheek and placed a kiss on my forehead.

He walked over to my bathrobe picked it up and cover me with it.

I looked away shyly and tried to walk away from him but he pulled me back to him.

"I'm not done with you yet baby girl. I'll go take a shower first Then I'll decide on what to do to you." He huskily said and walked towards the bathroom leaving me stunned.

He really has a way of surprising everyone. Maybe that's why people envy him a lot.

My mind went down memory lane of how Kendrick would treat me.

Whenever he was high AF and needed some wet ass cuchie, he would rip off my clothes aggressively and treat me as shit while forgetfully having sex with me.

Well with Angel by my side I know nothing can go wrong.

He's the man every lady would want. Knows how to treat his woman like a queen.

"Did you miss me?" He chuckled and walked towards me.

"Nah how could I miss someone who's gonna punish me?" I rolled my eyes dramatically and got under the duvet.

He took it off my body and I huff loudly.

"Get outta the bed now before I change my mind." He smirked and took a seat on the arm chair by the bed side.

I cursed underneath and crawled outta bed.

Moved to him and stayed that way.

"Is this my punishment?" I whinned.

He stood up and stood so close to me I could feel his hot breath on my face.

He leaned over my shoulder like he was gon whisper something to Me only to bit my earlobe teasingly sending shock waves down my body system.

"Come on baby don't be like that." He said in a deep sexy voice and my whole body  reacted to it.

His hand found it way to my waist and Pulled me even closer to him.

I gasps as his tongue rolled on my cheek.

He lifted me off the ground and I encircled my legs around his torso and took his lips in mine .

We kissed passionately as he slowly untied my bathrobe and placed on the bed.



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