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{ in love with my neighbor }



I couldn't bring myself to lie to her parents. I love her so much and deserves better than anyone. 

Don't want to be like that fool wanna be better 

She definitely has so much to ask me which I'm gonna answer sooner or later.

"Oh great just great ! They locked us in which means we stuck in the same room for the night." She lamented and I walked towards her. 

She has been been tryna avoid me ever since.

"Look on the bright side baby girl we gon have time for each other." I smirked and she rolled her eyes.

"Oh come off it please and leave me alone Kelvin." She feign annoyance and I cupped her face.

"Am sorry babe. I know i should have told yah sooner but I just couldn't. Had to hide my identity for some reasons my life was threatened and my driver got killed in my place." I explained to her and her looks softened at the mention of that.

"Am sorry I didn't know all this. So that's how you landed at mrs Anna's house?" She sighed sadly.

"Yeah took a bullet in and got saved by her. " I added and she hugged me without saying a word.

"Can you be careful? I get scared when you talk about this. I love you so much and would die if anything happens to you." She murmured and I smiled.

Her eyes were shut tightly as she kept mumbling things to herself like i was gonna disappear.

"Come on baby am here. No one can take me away from you not even death. I'll be with you even in death." I promised her and planted a kiss on her ear.

"I love you." She says staring deep into my eyes like could read my thoughts through em.

"I love you more than life its self. Now let's take this clothes off and go have a warm shower." I said and she chuckled.

"I'll go first."

"Aw come on let's shower together." I slowly took off my blazer and tossed it aside.

"Huh? No .." Her cheeks were red with embarrassment.

"Relax baby just kidding." I chuckled and she heaved a sigh.

"Don't do that. " she rolled her eyes while taking off her earrings and necklace.

I moved closer and squat in front of her and took out the golden leg chain.

It was carved outta real gold. It has my name in scripted on it. I locked it around her leg and she gasps.

"You like it?" I asked her.

"Aww its so cute and shiny tooo. Iove it!" She exclaimed and I pecked her cheek.

"Don't loose it." I whispered audibly into her ear and she nods.




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