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{ in love with my neighbor }



I stood there not being able to move for my legs went jellies on seeing dad and mom after so many years.

My lips trembled as hot tears rolled down my cheeks. All I could think of was the fact that I miss them so much.

"Selena?" Mom called out in surprise and I cried even more.

"Baby is that you ? Please come." Dad stood up and I ran into his arms in tears mom hugged me from behind .

"I'm sorry mom and dad am sorry, I was so stupid and blind not to see through his deceits." I sobbed and mom joined me in sobbing.

Angel stood there watching us happily. Who's this guy? He's truly an angel in disguise. 

With him by my side everything kept falling into place.

"Its okay baby we forgave you a long time ago and hoped you would one day regain your senses and come back to us." Dad stroke my hair.

"Am sorry daddy." I broke the hug and hugged mom again.

"Have missed you so much baby." Mom cooed and I slowly wiped off her tears.

"ERM. Now that the  family has been reunited again. I'll formerly introduced myself." Angel says and I smile.

"Thanks for bringing my daughter back to me young man and you're?" Dad said nd extended his hand for a handshake which Angel took.

"My name is Kelvin Chase Alejandro am sure you've probably heard about me." He smiled and adjusted his glasses.

At the mention of that name I was dumbfounded.

But but... I thought he's Michael Angelo? There's no way he's An Alejandro the business tycoon.

"Oh my world! The famous business tycoon in my house.its an honor and thanks once more." Mom says and he leaned over and peck mom on both cheeks 

"Please do seat down while I ask the maids to get you something." Dad says and he nodded.

I stood there staring at him thinking about a lot of things.

Why did he lie to me? And couldn't lie to my parents? 

Gush this is so frustrating.

He caught me staring at me and and he winked at me , i couldn't help but chuckle. 

I know he has his reasons for lying to me.

"What are you doing with mr Alejandro Selena?" Dad asked and I almost choked.

That was unexpected.

"Well it might please you to know that she's my girlfriend and we love each other." Angel saved my ass once more.

I was expecting mom and dad to get mad at me but the unexpected happened.

"Aww you guys look so cute together."mom cooed and j rolled my eyes dramatically.



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