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{ I LOVE HIM } 😍



I was sad at the fact that she thinks I was gonna regret her simply because she was once married?

Hell no. I love her unconditionally and don't care about her mistakes.

I placed my finger under her  chin and her made her looked at me.

"Hey hey! Look me. Just breath okay?  I don't care about your flaws or scars, I just love you for you so don't think I was gonna reject you simply because of your mistakes. Come on baby girl you knew me Better than that." I muttered and she slowly wiped off her tears.

"I don't really know what to say anymore. This was the first time  someone ever made me feel special and loved." She said honestly.

" It's a clear fact that you're special and loved by someone ❤️ come here baby 😘." I pulled her to me and hugged me tenderly while I stroke her hair with hand.

"Don't get too worked up over things that's not necessary. What's important is that I love you and I really hope you gon give me the keys to your heart." I found myself flirting and  ended up laughing at me.

"They're all yours but please becareful with my heart because I've a fragile heart." She said looking into eyes wandering around it looking for answers.

" It's a promise am gonna make to you now. Am gonna be the only person that makes you happy and healthy. I love you so much." I said and took her lips in mine.

She granted asses as we kissed like the world was gonna end.

She held on to my shirt tugging on it rough as our tongues fought for dominance.

I lifted her up and placed her on the bed not breaking the kiss. 

I nibble on her bottom lip and bit it playfully.

She moan into my moan for I was driving her crazy.

Trailed my fingers on her thigh and teased her down there. I planted kisses all over her face to her earlobe which was always soft.

I suck on her neck and she couldn't help but moan out loud.

"Come on baby say it " I kept planting kisses all over her necklace really wanted to torture her.

"I love you Angel. " She moan out loud and she chuckled softly.

"Thanks my girl. Let's go downstairs for breakfast okay?" I stood up and she did too slightly disappointed.



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