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{ in love with my neighbor }



Seriously Kylie is one of a kind I don't really remember the last time I got pranked.

"How about we both hit shower first and then we can make breakfast together." I said and she nodded in agreement.

" yeah I'll be back in ten." She says and dashed outta my room.

I shook my head and hit shower for a cool shower. That's what I needed at the moment.


I came outta shower in a bathrobe And met kylie on my bed eating pickles. 

"What did I tell you about pickles in the morning ?" I rolled my eyes and walked pass her to the closet for a change of clothes.

"No pickles in the morning..yeah yeah I get it." She half yelled.

"Shut and stop eating pickles." I returned the favor.

"Whatever cry baby." She let out a small laugh.

I quickly changed and came out to face her.

Omg she messed my bed up. 

"Oops am sorry." She pouts and I couldn't resist.

I moved closer like i was able to hit she flinch back thinking I was msd.

I pulled her to me and kiss her. Wish this won't ever stop. I'm in love with her...

She granted me asses and we kissed passionately till she broke the kiss and stared at me.

"ERM.. This isn't right." She sighed.

"Kylie I know all this feels like but I really can't Fight back what I feel right now. And sorry I pushed too hard." I said and moved from her.

I know she wanted to say something but I wasnt ready to listen . walked outts the room and went downstairs to the garden.

Don't wanna fight back anymore wanna tell her how much I love and cherish her .

Gush why am I even angry again? 

I pulled out a lovely rose from the garden and took it along with me.

I stopped halfway when I heard sobs coming from Kylie's room. Uh oh I didn't just make her cry.

I advance towards the door and twisted the doorknob . .

There she was  crawled up at a corner crying . I rushed towards her and squat in front of her.

"Hey I'm sorry okay ? I didn't mean to Take it out on you. Just that I love you so much and I'm scared you won't accept me." I said with sincerity..

She stared at me and more tears roll down her cheeks.

"Come on please talk to me." I said with concern and she pulled me into a tight hug.

"I've had same feelings but felt rejected. " she cried and I felt bad.




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