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{ in love with my neighbor }



" I hacked his call log boss and heard his Conversation with his Mom, from what I got he's gonna be here soon." Phillipe explained and sat down.

I smiled and puff out vapour.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked .

"This is time to strike. When he least expected it." He suggested and I shrugged.

" don't play with me phillipe, if you fail it's on you cause am gonna kill you myself. I said coldly.

"I trust me On this boss." He said.

"I'll like some privacy." I dismissed him.

Kelvin. Alejandro hope you're for this cause this time i'll exact my revenge on you and you won't be able to escape it.


I twisted the doorknob and tiptoe into his room unannounced.

Really wanna tease today. I carefully moved closer to him and raised up my frying pan and hammer.

I brought it closer to his ear and Banged it really hard.

He jumped and fell hard on his butt. I burst into uncontrollable laughter.

Gush the look on his face was priceless.

He wince in pain and rub his butt.

"Good morning Angel its Easter Sunday!!" I screamed at the same time laughing at how he was acting like a granny with a broken waist.

"Ouch that hurts so much." He whined and sat down on the bed.

"Am sorry I'm just so in the mood to do silly stuffs." I chuckled..

"Wow you're happy today I guess there's something you're not telling me yet." He scoffed.

"Well nothing of the usual its just a prank." I burst into laughter and he frown.

"And I was stupid enough to fall for're so corny ." he rolled his eyes.

"Come on don't be such a cry baby." I stuck my tongue at him but he kept sulking.

"I'm not a cry baby." He defended.

"Cry baby cry baby! Cry baby." I kept Shouting and he ended up chasing me around but got tired on we both collapsed on the bed trying to catch our breaths.

"You one crazy girl and I like that about you." He said trying to catch his Breath.

"Thanks tho." I let out a small laugh.



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