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{ in love with my neighbor }



Gush am so bored right now. Angel ain't back yet. I grabbed some popcorn and decided to watch movies on Netflix.

That helped a lot but it would have been more fun if Angel was here.

I smiled sheepishly when I remembered the kiss. Strangely I wanted more. 

The door pushed open and Angel walked in smiling.

Aww he's truly an Angel .how did he know I was thinking about him?

"Hey. What yah doing?" He slumped on the couch beside mine.

'"Watching movies, kinda bored. So how was your day at work?"I asked and he smiled.

Wait I know that smile, something is definitely fishy.

"Never been better, anyways I missed you so much I couldn't wait any longer to come back to you." He winked and I blushed...

"Why do you care about me so much?" I blurted out before I could stop myself from doing that.

He stared at me with a serious face and I felt uneasy..

"Because you're special and I like you alot." He said and I could sense sincerity in his voice.

"I'm flattered." I blow him kiss but he did the expected by pulling me closer and crashed his lips on me.

Am my wishes came through. I didn't want to stop anytime soon.

We kissed passionately. Duration longer than before. He broke the kiss and tuck a strand of my hair behind.

"Am sorry okay? Now let's watch TV." He smiled and took the tv remote.

Why does he like saying sorry. He switched to another channel. I almost flinched when I heard ken's voice.

Omg he's naked.

'Kylie if you get to see this video I'm sorry okay? I was a fool and a drug addict sometimes I behave like an animal. Please forgive me okey? Am sorry for always taking advantage of you. Enjoy your new life.' The live was disconnected.

Wtf just happened? I glanced at Angel who was trying so hard to hold back his laughter.

Why do I feel like he knows something about this?

"Angel?" I called out with folded arms.

"Yes mom." He smirked and I huff.



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