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 ❤💚A Mother

              For his son❤💚
🌈An arranged marriage with a kid involved??🌈
🌻Episode 18🌻

Joel's POV cont'd🌻

The movie was finally over and we all went home in the car silently..

‘See You tomorrow night Mr Joel'.. Carol muttered with a smile on her face and went into her room...

‘Okay what was the meaning of that?!!'..I asked Nathan and he smiled..

‘I'm Sorry dad I really thought you liked her very much'.. he said and walked away..

That devious kid I'm pretty sure he did that on purpose and now Carol thinks I really want to ask her out to dinner..

It's not like I don't want to but I don't want to give get the wrong idea and besides I can't remember when last I went on date with any woman ever since Lizzy left for another man..

Ever since then I haven't trusted a soul apart from Marie...

How do I even explain this to carol without hurting her feelings??...

How do I say that I don't really want to go out on a date with her even though I really want to??..

jeez I've never been so confused in my life like this before.. 

Carol's POV🌻

📱: Well The Most bizarre thing just happened Mark.. You won't believe it!!'..I said excitedly as I changed into my pajamas with my iPod in my ear..

📲: okay girl gimme all the juice I'm listening'.. he replied and I almost jumped to the ceiling..

📱: Well Joel And I along with Nathan went to the cinema to watch a movie and Nathan was like (Carrie my daddy likes you and wants you to go out to dinner with him)...I was almost red with embarrassment but I composed myself and accept the invitation'...I explained..

📲: Really?? he said all that and you agreed??'...

📱: Yeah I did any problem with that??'...

📲: Carrie don't tell me you're falling for this man??'..



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