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 ❤πŸ’šA Mother

              For his son❤πŸ’š
🌈An arranged marriage with a kid involved??🌈
🌻Episode 16🌻

Carol's POV🌻

As soon as I heard Nathan say the Love word my heart almost bled..

Poor kid..

He is so innocent to not know that his daddy doesn't want to be loved at all...

He just doesn't get the fact that love is not an easy thing to acquire and to give...

‘Look Nathan let's just go okay??I..I..I need to grab my purse first'..I stuttered a bit and ran into my room..

‘Are you okay??'..He asked as he followed me and even though I felt very flustered I nodded...

‘Yeah I'm fine!! I'm awesome!! I'm perfectly great?? Let's go'..

We both went down the stairs and Joel was already waiting and surprisingly wearing a casual t shirt and faded jeans with Snickers..

‘Halleluyah he finally looks likes a human'..I teased and Nathan chuckled...

‘What do you mean?? Do I look abnormal before??'..He asked..

‘Most times you look like John Statham in Fast and Furious so I'm not in the least surprised'..I replied and walked past him hand in hand with Nathan and hiding my nervousness...

Joel's POV 🌻

At The Cinema 🏩
‘Popcorn machine!! Daddy look that's a real life popcorn machine!!'.. Nathan screamed for joy as he pointed at the popcorn stand not even caring about what other people have to say..

‘As long as he's happy he doesn't care if he's called a freak'..Carol muttered from behind me..

‘A freak?? What makes you think my son is a freak??'..i snarled.

‘Whoa I never said that you've really got some anger issues going on,all I'm just saying that even if he's labelled as awkward he doesn't care cause he's happy'.. She said and I turned back to my son jumping around the huge DC movie poster that had Superman in it...

As long as it is anything DC then count my boy in..

I guess he's pretty happy about everything all thanks to Carol..

In as much as I hate to admit it I can't deny the fact that she's a better parent than I am..

Just two weeks and my house feels so alive..

‘Thank you Carol'..I blurted out loudly..

‘Huh?? For what??'..she asked..

‘For making my son happy,he really likes you and I've been a fool for being so self centered,My son needs and you qualify for that criteria'..



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