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 ❤💚A Mother

              For his son❤💚
🌈An arranged marriage with a kid involved??🌈
🌻Episode 15🌻

Joel's POV🌻

‘Please tell me you're joking Marie I mean how could you even do such a thing?!!'..I yelled with my eyes red in anger..

‘I had no other choice I swear Joel!! I couldn't waste the tickets Mr Hornsby handed over to you so I set you both up on a date at the Cinema,if Mr Hornsby sees you both there he might reconsider the proposal'..She replied and I sighed deeply..

The last thing I need right now is a date with a woman who talks faster than her shadow..

‘Why can't you step in for Carol?? Or do something!! Do anything but I can't go with Carol on a date it's not happening'..I said aloud adamantly..

‘I'd be happy to go out to the Cinemas with you Joel'..I heard and when I turned .

Oh speak of the devil and he shall walk right in..

‘Are you eavesdropping on my conversation??'..I questioned trying to corner my way out of the topic..

‘No I am not, I simply heard what she said and since it does involve me I wouldn't tag it as eavesdropping'..She replied and I scoffed loudly..

‘I'm not going on a date with you Carol and that's final'..

‘Hey don't make it look like I'm the one forcing you to oblige?? You're the one who's too pigheaded to go out to the Cinemas I mean look at you!! You clearly don't have any friends or family around and you're always caged up in this big house!!Even I am tired of seeing the same thing over again that's why I'm planning on going to the Cinemas with Nathan—With or without you'..She lashed back and I arched my brows seeing the amused look on Marie's face..

‘Okay then I'm only going because of my son and not because I want to go on a date with you'..I muttered..

‘Ohhhh puleeeeaaasssseeee if you're the only man in this world i wouldn't even dare to go out with you... You're a fun killer,quiet,tired about life and pessimistic kind of guy and that's a total turn off for me'..She snickered and before I could come back with a suitable reply she walked off...

‘Whoa she's a talker'..Marie muttered almost laughing and walked away...

She said I'm a fun killer??..

And it's a total turn off for her??..

And why is it bothering me so much?!!..

Nathan's POV🌻

‘Are you sure about this Aunty Carrie?? Did Daddy say he would go with us to the Cinemas??'..I asked and Aunty Carrie nodded which made me launge at her to give her a big hug..

‘You are the best of the best Aunty Carrie and I love you so much for it'..I murmured and all of a suddenn began crying...

‘Hey!! Hey you should be happy and not crying??'..she exclaimed brushing my tears away..

‘I...I...its.. it's just that I've never gone to the Cinemas before and I've never been so happy but ever since came I've been happy..Thank you'..I whimpered..

‘Awwww you're so adorable when corny Nathan and I love you too,too bad I'm going to be here for 6 months,I wish you were my kid'..She murmured kissing my cheeks..

‘You are my mommy and you could fall in love with my Daddy to make that possible??'..

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