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 ❤💚A Mother

              For his son❤💚
🌈An arranged marriage with a kid involved??🌈
🌻Episode 14🌻

Carol's POV cont'd🌻

‘So..So're really?? You're really gonna let Nathan get close to me??'..I asked and he nodded...

‘Yeah he's been saying things like you don't like him anymore just like his mother and it kind of made me feel guilty'...He muttered and turned to leave but I held his left arm to prevent him from doing so...

‘Thank you Joel'.I murmured and he nodded again without saying another word and left..

There was a time I didn't like this man one bit but now there's just something that's pulling me closer to him day by day...

He's like a lost flower in need of water and light and somehow I really feel bad for him....

An Hour Later🌻

‘Hey there champ!!'..i screamed loudly as I entered Nathan's room...

‘Leave me alone Carrie you don't like me anymore'..He whimpered in his bed and i smiled...

‘No Nathan don't think like that please?? I was in a really bad mood that's why i didn't want you in my room'..


‘No I'm serious to be honest,I'm really really serious and I hope you really forgive me,look I brought pizza??'..i said bringing out a box of pizza from my bag and he jumped up....

‘Pizza??? Pizza?? Thank you Carrie!!'..He screamed for joy and I arched my brow..

The child must really love Pizza for him to act like he hasn't seen it before...

‘Yeah you're welcome and I also brought soda'..i added..

‘Ohh really?? Thank you thank you Carrie,Daddy always says I'm too young to have sodas'..He said and I chuckled lightly.. 

‘That's funny?? One can never be too young or old to have pizzas and sodas now who's the best??'...

’You are!!!'..He yelled..

‘Who's the best?!!'..I asked again..

‘You are!!'..

Joel's POV🌻

‘They are really getting along aren't they??'..Marie muttered from behind me and I frowned..

‘You know that I don't pay you to pry into my personal life'..

‘Yeah you don't but I've been working with you for close 6 years so I pretty much have a say in your personal life'..She replied..

‘You have that mischievous tone in your voice Marie what are you up to??'..I asked..

‘Well you might not like it Joel but I set you up and Carol on a date'..she replied..


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