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      Episode 09.




After filling Ashley on with everything that's going on down here excluding the past about how Noel is rude and harsh towards me. 
She made me tell her how he looks and all to the surprise that I found myself telling her about all his tattoo and how he looked hot in them. 
Damn! I never thought that I was ever going to say that. 
He is hot yeah. Like really hot but I never thought that I would say it.. Hell!  I never even thought that I would admit it to myself.

 I take the stairs back to my room and I noticed that the moans has died down. 
I still can't get over the fact that he did that though. 
Bring a girl into the house even though he knows he's not alone then having sex with the girl when I'm just right next to his room. 
He's rude and harsh but this is just too much. 
I hope that the construction of the other rooms goes well, I don't think I can handle staying here any longer. 
I will just lose my cool and I definitely do something that would not be funny. 
Something that I'm sure as hell that I will end up regretting. 

 I drop the phone on the bed and go back to my Laptop, typing away on it as I stare at the words but I can't even focus. 
My mind is occupied with what's going on in the other room. 
The moans has died down, yes by I still can't seem it focus. 
What can't I focus now that I can't even hear any noises any longer? 
Could it be that they have fall asleep in each other arms? 

 I shave my head. It isn't my concern. It isn't my concern . I convince myself before grabbing my headphones, connecting it to my phone and letting the music drift my worries say. 

 Minutes later, the door opens and my head snaps up immediately to see a girl come out of the room with her hair in a really weird disorganized state. She looks like hell. 
You could tell that she just finished having sex or a good makeout session. 
She's tall. Really talk and really slim also. 
She's putting on a black gown that reveals her entire cleavage and barely covers her thighs, even has a lining at the end. 
I dart my eyes away from her and hope that she says nothing as she walks out of the room quietly which I'm quite grateful for. 

 I let it a breath I didn't realize that I'm holding and the door to the only room opens once again and he walks out of the room, smirking. Shirtless and he start walking towards me or probably towards the room while I shift my gaze say from him back to what I'm working on. 

 "I didn't notice that you have arrived. When did you came in? "
 I never thought that he would talk to me. 
I guess having sex has made him have his cool. 

 "You couldn't. You see having sex at that moment. "
  I turn to him and he's staring at me, eyes boring into mine.



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