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        Episode 10.


 "Is something wrong? I'm I disturbing your peace or something? "
 He raises his brows at me and I scoff. 
Does he even really need to ask that? After what he had just did? He is still asking me if he did something wrong? He must be joking! 

 "Are you trying to act like you don't know what you did or that you just had sex with someone when I'm just right here! "
 I yell and he shakes his head before taking another step towards me. 
I'm still on the bed but my chest is beating like fast mad against my chest with each step he takes. 

  "I mean we both pay for the house you said that this morning. We both have our own equal rights and that was my room. 
It's not like I did anything in your room so stop trying to act tough or something. 
I did what I like, you can go ahead and do what you like. I won't complain. "
 He shrugs and I scoff as I watch him walk away while I finally close the laptop back. 
I can't believe this right now and I don't even think that I can focus on getting my assignment done right now. 


 After our little argument in the room earlier. 
He has vanished and I don't know where the hell he went to. 
He sent out and he hasn't been here, it's getting dark also.. I know it isn't any of my business wherever he went and it's not that I'm worried about him either but still, did he has arrive this late and to think that I will have to walk when he comes back, stumbling into my room. 

 I didn't expect all that is happening and he is making matters even worse for me with everything that he's doing and the way he's acting.
If I tell mom about everything that's happening. 
I'm sure that she wouldn't hesitate to find me somewhere else but I knew how many nights are had stayed up while trying to get me someplace that would be close to campus. 
I will not allow Noel to let me ruin that and for all her efforts to go down the drain. 

 I glance up at the clock once again. It's past ten and I should be on the bed right now for school tomorrow but instead, I'm staying up waiting for my rude roommate that would come in so he wouldn't disturb me from my sleep later on. 
If I sleep now , I will end up waking and I would have been disturbed. 
With the been said, I grab my assignment and start, trying to complete it at least. 

 It's been an hour and he's still not here. I have finished my assignment and I had played some games on my phone to pass away time, still nothing. 

 Just as I give up and lay back on the bed to sleep. 
The door burst open and behold he's walking inside, stumbling his way in.



  1. What is wrong with him? But this guy self, he told her about alarm why can't she tell him about sex. Thanks author



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