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🍕🍕The Pizza girl 2🍕🍕

🍕(My baby mama is a pizza delivery girl)🍕

🍕Season 2🍕 

🍕Episode 2🍕

Gabriel's POV🍕

I sighed deeply as I downed another shot of strong whiskey,checked the time and when i realized it was 12am already I groaned loudly..

What kind of a husband let's his wife stay up all night at a party??..

What kind of a man am I??..

I clenched my fists so tight trying to contain my anger and when I couldn't anymore I threw my glass across the room..

Everything's just going downhill by the minute,the company is doing fine but my marriage is not..

‘Ohh hey baby'..i heard from behind me and I turned around only to see Jessica...

‘It's 12am Jessica what do you have to say for yourself!!!'..I yelled at her and she snorted..

‘Well my car broke down and I was stranded!'..

‘Couldn't you call me?!!'..

‘My phone went off!!'..

‘But i called you and it rang!!!'..I lashed out at her..

‘Fine I'm sorry okay,I'm sorry i won't do it again'..she said walking over to ms and kissed my cheek..

Yeah I know what she wants..

The only time Jessica is ever nice to me is when she's in the mood for s*x but right now I'm not cut out for it...

‘I'm not in the mood Jessica'..i spoke up as she began kissing my neck..

‘Je..Jessica I'm..I'm not in the mood!!'..I said again and this time more adamantly...

‘That's what you always say!! You're not in the mood Evey time!! No wonder we don't have kids!!!'..She screamed and pushed me away..

‘Well cause you're a horny bulldog whenever we're doing it!! I've had seven stitches on my back because of you okay so just let me be and by the way the only reason we don't have kids is because you can't get pregnant!!'..i fired back and stomped away into our room...

‘Really?? Really Gabriel?! You know what I'm sick and tired of everything,you don't respect me you don't love me you don't like being romantic with me and you can't even perform one duty which is important in a marriage?!!'..She yelled throwing her purse at me but luckily i dodged..

‘Marriage?? What we have is paper contract Jessica,you don't cook,you don't clean,you literally fight with me over the most stupid things everyday and most importantly you go wild when we make love!! How do you expect me to be romantic to someone like you!! Just tell me huh?!!'..i fired back and she scoffed..

‘You and I know the only reason you're acting like a bozo is because of that pizza delivery girl,you're pathetic Gabriel'..She said and left for the bathroom...

She's not far from wrong..

I'm literally going mad not being able to find Jasmine and my supposed child who should be born by now..

I wish I could just turn back time and tell her I'm sorry for what I did two years ago...




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