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πŸ•πŸ•The Pizza girlπŸ•πŸ•

πŸ•(Crazy but sweet)πŸ•

πŸ•Episode 6πŸ•

Jasmine's POVπŸ•

I can't believe that bastard didn't even want to give me the job and instead he just wanted to get my number...

Ughh why can't I secure one fu**ing job?!!..


Look at Emily,she's a lawyer and she's just 23..

Look at Georgia,she's a certified architect and she's just 22..

And then look at me...

I'm the pizza delivery girl who can't secure a good job in a good firm..

Going to college was a total waste of time for me..

I hate my life more than anything in this world...

I hate my life...

Gabriel's POVπŸ•

If only she hadn't run off in a crazy manner she would have seen that I was just joking....

I was going to give her the job as my personal assistant but i guess it's my fault...

I prolonged the joke for a long minute..

‘Uhhh Pietro come here??'..i said to the 17 year old message boy who helps me go on errands..

‘Si?? What would you like me to do for you senoΓ­r??'..he replied in his french accent..

‘I would like you to place an order to my house in Romero's Pizza palace for 12 boxes of pizza'...

Jasmine's POVπŸ•

‘Hey dad!!'..I hollered as I entered the store...

‘Ohh hey baby I'm glad you're back did you get the job this time??'..Dad replied as he passed a box of pizza towards a young lady...

‘Nah i didn't get the job,the employer is a bozo,can you imagine that he just wasted my time all because he wanted me to go out on a date with him!!!'..i explained and slipped a tortilla into my mouth...

‘Ohhh really??Well maybe he's in into you ,i know my daughter is very beautiful'..

‘Oh hell no Dad!! That guy looks like a player and besides he's Gabriel Alivo'..I said and i noticed dad's countenance change...

‘Did you say Gabriel Alivo??'..he asked and i nodded..

‘Yeah what about Gabriel Alivo??'..

‘Well he's the one threatening to take everything from us if we don't pay him'...





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