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{✨Our Sinful Wants✨}

          Episode 09.  .



I stand outside and breathe out, waiting patiently for mom to come back, it's been an hour and thirty minutes. 
I never excepted the talk to go like that, yeah I know we would definitely talk about something but I thought it would be like it always was. 
Me and him, letting our wants control us. Not him trying to lecture me about been loyal when we aren't even anything and when he hasn't been. 
We had nothing together before he left and I'm sure we wouldn't have anything together even after he's back. 
I pace up and down the porch, desperately wanting for mother to come and getting the hell out of here. 
After I left the room, I had thought he would follow. Okay, I know he isn't the type that really cares but still, I had thought he would. 
Guess whatever it us we had wasn't of that importance to him and still isn't. 

 I start hearing voices coming out of the room and soon they turned to moans. He's fucking her. 
Good for them. 
Screw him. Screw her. Infact screw everyone of them that had played with my feelings. 
I have always been chasing the inevitable. 
Always after those that doesn't want anything to do with me but to just play with my feelings. 
All that is gonna change now. 
I thought I would scale through the rest of my days in high school. 
Thought I could remain at the sidelines but maybe the sidelines wasn't meant for me anyways but I'm done been used as a plaything between the bad boys. 
I'm done acting like a fool and I'm sure am done with these stupid feelings. 

 My phone vibrates against my pocket and I sigh before picking it out. Thomas. 
I slide it to the receivers end and glue the phone to my ear, sitting on the cemented bench just near the porch. 

 "Hey, sorry I didn't call earlier. I had to take care of my younger sister since mom isn't around. "
 I chuckle. He's apologizing for that. Of course he will, that's how he is. Always seeing fault when he doesn't do what he promised to do earlier. 
In short, he caring. 

 "It's okay. You called now, didn't you? "
 I raise my brow even though he isn't here at the moment and he chuckles. 
I wish he was here though. 
Thomas in the past few months has turned out to be my anchor. 
Saving me from the dreadful storm that's Xander and now I hope that he would be able to save me from the storm that's Zach, whose entire intention is to finally drown me.. I'm sure. 

 "Still, I feel like I am not competent or something. "
 "You're enough for me. "
 I assure him and I really hope it's true. 
I hope I'm not lying to him and myself.. Mostly myself. 

 "That warms my heart. Where are you , I think I can hear some noises. "
 That must be Zach and his whore. 

 "Yeah, um. I went out with mom. She had me visit her boyfriends place with her. She isn't here though so I'm here with him. That must be him. "
 I decided to keep out the part that the son is Zach. 
Should I have tell him? No, I don't think so. 

 "Him? "
 He repeats and I chuckle, shaking my head. 
One thing about him is his jealousy. 
 "Yes, him Tom, is something wrong? "
 I tease him further, even though I know exactly where he's driving at. 

 "No, Nothing is wrong. I just don't feel secure with you being alone with a guy. Should I come over? "
 "You don't trust me? "
 I retaliates. 

 Should he? You have been nothing but unfaithful to him. 
My subconscious butts in but I shake her off. 
That's not true. 

 "No, that's not what I meant. I trust you entirely... "
 And my heart aches when he says it like that. 

 "But can I trust whoever the him is. I am a guy and I know how guys behave especially been alone with someone like you in a room. "
 I chuckle, shaking my head. 

 "Someone like me? "

 "You know what I mean. "
 He sighs and I chuckle again. 
Thomas is the only guy that would think am beautiful and others that want to flatter me of course. 
I know I'm not. 

 "Don't worry about it. I'm outside, he's inside. Distance. Nothing will happen between us. "
 I hope and pray so. 
Zach is always finding a way to make me bend to his will. 
He knows my buttons and he is always pushing them to his advantage. 
I just hope that doesn't happen this time.



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