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    {✨Our Sinful Wants✨}

       Episode 08.



"You didn't miss me?"
 He smiles as he takes a step closer to me, his hand still on my chin and he's closing the entire space between us now. 
Thomas. Thomas. Thomas. Zach. 

 I start moving back but his hand goes behind my waist, pulling me into him and my breathing hitches as my chest collides with his. 
I can feel the entire of his body leaned against mine. 
His body is hot against mine. Just like it always has. 

 "I have missed the way you always feel in my arms.. "
 Word that would make me lose control one. 

 "Missed the way your lips feels against mine. "

 "I have missed the way.. You always look at me. "
 One more word and there will be no turning back. 

 "I have a boyfriend. "
 I announce immediately he begins to lean closer and he brings his head up, his eyes boring into mine as he cock his brows. 
Well, that wasn't the exact look I had pictured he would have if I told him. 

 "You do? "
 He raises his brows, repeating the words in a indirect way. 

 "Yeah and one that wouldn't fancy seeing me in this position do if you could just let me go. "

 Are you sure you want him to let you go. 
My subconscious butts in and I almost roll my eyes. 

 "Why should I? Why should I care about the fact that you have a boyfriend? I'm not asking you out. "
 He laughs gently and I sigh, allowing my body to relax against his for the mean time. 

 "Who is it? "
 He asks and I raise my brows at him. 

 "Who is this boyfriend of yours? Is it Xander? I've always seen the way you look at him even though we were having something together before I left. "
 I scoffs. Seen the way I looked at... He must be joking! 

 "I didn't look at him in any way. "
 "Yes you did. In a way that screams you want him. "
 Okay. Now this is taking a different turn. 

 "I didn't. "
 He must be so stupid if he thought I wanted Xander when we had... Whatever it is we had together. 
The only guy that was always on my mind then and that my eyes always happen to look for the one that goes with Z A C H. 
So he must be really stupid if he thought I was looking at Xander or any other guy for that matter. 

 "Is that what you're doing right now? Are you together with him? "
 "No I'm not! "
 I snap. Well, I do love him but what's the use of that? He rejected me... Rudely. 

 "You confessed to him. Why? "
 My eyes shoot to him immediately as my mouth hangs open. 
He wasn't in town. How did he knew that? 

 "I know if that's what you're wondering. I have ears everywhere and I know he rejected you rudely. "
 Was that a mock? 

 "Of course you have had something. I was wondering what happened to... Never mind. "
 I still my sentence midway. That's why his body felt weird. He already got off with someone. 
I wonder who the bitch is. 

 "That's why what? "

 "Well, you know what you did! "
 I snap, taking my eyes to the clock and moving away from him. 
An hour and thirty minutes. 

 "I didn't do anything! You were the one that confessed to someone you love him and had a boyfriend even when I never said I wasn't coming back! "
 Seriously! He wants to do this right now?! 

 "You're insane and you don't know what you're talking about! What if you wanted to come back?! You never told me I was your girlfriend so was I just supposed to wait around for you to come even though we have nothing together?! "
 I turn to him, my eyes blazing. The same way his are. 

 "We had everything together! You know that! "

 "But it was undefined! Why are you doing this! You're making it like I cheated on you! "

 "Well, didn't you?"
 He yells and I scoff. 

 "Fine! Since you're the one that didn't cheat. How many girls has it been? "
 And there's silence. 
I knew it! I knew he has been with someone. 
He can do anything he wants but I'm the one that should remain loyal to him. 

 "I... "

 "Even for the meantime that you just arrived. I know you have done something, I know you Zach and I know there's no way you couldn't have. That's just how you are, isn't it? "
 I laugh, the same time the door opens and I take my gaze to it. 
Of course, it's one of his bitches. 

 "Enjoy your time. "
 I hiss before grabbing my purse and storming out of the house.




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