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      {✨Our Sinful Wants✨}

          Episode 07.


Mother and Zach's father just left with mother telling me to get along with Zach. Quite funny cause there will be no getting along between the two of us. 
All there will be right now is complications, a lot if awkwardness and maybe a little bit of naughtiness. It's us. It always happens. 
No matter how much we try to stop it. 
It always happens. 

 "So I still can't believe it's you  I was shocked when I opened the door. "
 Zach smirks as he pass me a glass of water which I gulp in one shot cause I really need it. 
My brain is swirling and swirling. 
Thinking of everything. 

 "Didn't know you were in town. "
 I try to keep my voice neutral but damn. It comes out strained and so small. 

 "Yeah. Just arrived last week. Was gonna come to school this week but I just decided to make it next. "
 He says and I nod before shifting uncomfortably on my legs. 

 "Are there maids in the house? "
 I didn't know why I asked but I just thought I should. To know exactly how secured we both are or.. I am. 

 "No, are you okay? Is everything alright? "
 He turns to stare at me, his dark eyes blazing into mine. 
He knows that I'm not okay and he knows the reason behind that not been okay but I knew he just asked that to tease me. Not gonna give him the chance. 

 "Yeah. I am, in best.... nothing, never mind. "
 Oh you know. I'm just trying not to over think the two of us been alone in this huge house cause last time I remembered, nothing good comes out of the two been alone. Even for a minute. 

 "Okay. Will you take a seat then. "
 I hadn't realized that I had been standing and I'm shaking. 
 "No. "
 I merely shake my head and take my gaze to the clock. 
Just ten minute gone. An hour and fifty minutes and I will be out of here. 
Why do I feel like that an hour and fifty minutes will come later than necessary. 
I'm desperately counting the seconds. 
One. Two. There. Four. Five. Six. Seven. 

 "Hey.. "
 Before I knew what was happening, he's right in front of me. Staring at me with eyes that will make me give in everything.. Anything. Well almost anything. 

 "I missed you. "
 My stomach turns and by heart is beating like fast mad against my chest. 
I'm sure he can hear it right now .
What was the seconds I was counting earlier?
Was it twenty five... Damn! 

 "I.. I... "
What do I say. 
 I miss him. Of course I do miss him. Like my life was gonna end but.. He left me. He did. And even before he left, we didn't had a name. 
Our relationship had no name. Just the wants and the passion were there but he never asked me out. 
He left. I missed him. I moved on. Fell for Xander. Confessed to Xander. Xander rejected me. Heartbroken. I moved on again. Thomas asked me out. I accepted and now here I am, standing in front if where it all started. 
My life feels like a rollercoaster. Going off then arriving back at where it first started. 
It started right from Zach and I thought.. I knew he was gonna come back one day but I never knew it would be this soon and I thought if he did come back, I would have forgotten about it all but turns out, I didn't. 
I still can remember everything. 
They are all fresh in my memories. 
I still can remember him taking me in the most dangerous possible way ever. 

 "You haven't said anything. "
 I flinch from his touch against my skin and I raise my head. 
My stomach knots are loosing, turning. My mind is clouded with thoughts and I am in his mercy. 

 "I.. I don't.. I... "
 I stammer. This isn't right. 
I.. This isn't fair to Thomas. 
First, it was having feelings for Xander even though I'm dating him. 
Now, it's trying to control myself since the only person that can make me lose control of myself is back. 

 What I had with him was strong. 
I didn't know if that was love or anything else. I pray it isn't love or if it's merely because he swam me in the most deadliest way ever. 
He just happens to know each of my buttons and he sure knows how to push them, just like he's trying to do right now. 
 I'm trying to focus. Trying not to lose focus and not to forget that I have a boyfriend and emotions for someone that doesn't love me but instead all that's in my head is this guy that has returned to torment me... Again!



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