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        Episode 06.



"Zach, where is your father? "
 Mother says and walk in while I stand by the door. 
My entire world is spinning and I don't know what to do. 
Zach is here. 
He is back? 
But now? I mean how? 
I thought he was out of the states and I haven't seen him since forever. 
How come he's here and turn out to be my mom's boyfriend son? 
So this means that u will be stuck with him. For whole two hours or so, without no one inside the house. 
I'm talking from experience not nothing had ever came out from two of us staying alone together. Well ,something always do comes out but nothing good ever comes out. 

 "Quinn, are you gonna come in or are you gonna stand there all day"
 Mom says and I breathe out, nodding before looking towards Zach. 
I actually thought of telling mom that I could just stay out all day but that's stupid and she would definitely get angry and now isn't the time I need one other lectures so I just take a step in and close the door behind me. 

 A man walks down for the stars before mom could say anything else. 
He's dressed in suit, like good. Like the exact replica of Zach so he must be my mother's boyfriend. Nathaniel. 

 Mom's cheeks flares up as she stares at him and I roll my eyes. 
Oh please. She's acting like a kid. 

 "Hey babe, I'm glad you made it. "
 He smiles and makes a step towards mom , trying to kiss her or probably hug her. I wasn't able to find out what he's gonna do because mother stops him before he could do anything. 
Clearing her throat and turning to look at me, as if notifying him that we are still in the room. 

 I shift uncomfortably from one leg to anther and Nathaniel smiles at her, having her a peck on her cheeks nevertheless before turning to us. 

 "Wow, who is this young beautiful lady? "
 He sounds as he walks towards me and I bow my head to him slightly. 

 "That's my daughter. Quinn. "
 Mom says with a smile and I almost roll my eyes at her. Almost. 

 "Quinn. That's a beautiful name for a beautiful lady like you.
Seriously Tatiana, your daughter is beautiful. "
 He smiles and I chuckle, smiling back at him. 
Now, I see why mother is always blushing all the time. 
He sure knows how to flatter anyone. 
 "Okay, so I guess you guys have meet my son. Zach, he just returned from the states yesterday, had to go somewhere but now he's back. "
 He smiles proudly and he introduces his son to her and I try not to make eye contact with him. 
Oh, I know Zach. 
I know him better than anyone. 
 How could I ever forget him? 
Zach, aka the school biggest bad boy. 
Even more badder than Xander. Xander was only leaving up to his legacy after he left school due to a reason that no one knows till now. 
But I never forgot him. 
Seeing him has bring up feelings. Feelings that I thought were buried deep down within myself, never to be unleashed again but I guess I was wrong anyways. 

 Seeing him has woke up memories.
Memories that I thought didn't matter anymore. 
And now, everything that happened between us comes running back to me in high tide waves and I feel as though there's no escaping for me this time around.




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