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 {✨Our Sinful Wants✨}


          Episode 05.



"Aren't you done yet mother?! "
 I yell from the living room and roll my eyes as I pace up and down the room. 
I have been waiting for over an hour for mom to finish her makeup but instead, she's just sitting inside that room, telling me she would be out any minute from now and I haven't seen any sign of her. 
I know she wants to look good for her boyfriend but seriously, even I.. Don't take that long to sees up for a date with Thomas. 

 "I'm done already. "
 She groans and my eyes shoots up at him as they widens. 
She walks down the stairs in a red long gown that covers her entire thighs but has a lining that revealed from her lower leg up to a little above the knee. 
She's looking beautiful. Really beautiful but I thought she said we are just going to his house. Why are we here? And why is she dressing like that? 

 "Is it okay? I tried not to overdress but I just can't help but to fry my best to look good. How do I look? "
 She rakes her hand down her hair and I shake my head, smiling at the effect of a man on  a woman. 
She's behaving like a teenager, going to prom for the first time and can't help but try to impress her first date. 

 "You're liking beautiful mom but I thought you said its just to go to his house and cone back , you look like you're dressed for outing. "
 I sigh as I pick my handbag from the couch and she shakes her head. 

 "Yeah sorry, it must have slipped my mind to tell you, after going to his nose, we are going outing. He's taking me for dinner so that's why I had dressed like this. "
 She smiles and I nod, my eyes trailing down her body once again. 

 "Okay and when you're done. I mean when you're going to that dinner. Will I follow? Cause I don't want to follow. "
 I groan and she chuckles before grabbing the car keys from the little shelf and walking out of the house while I trail behind her. 

 "You don't need to follow. You will stay behind with his son. I'm still gonna come back there then we can both come back home. "
 She says and I groan again. 
Staying at home with some son? I just hope he doesn't talk too much and actually mind his business because I would not talk to him. 

 "Can't I just come home myself then you can meet me here? "
 She turns to me and I roll my eyes before going inside the car and she starts the engine, driving off. 


Mother talks throughout all the way to wherever it is we really going. 
She told me not to act rude and try getting along with his son even though I don't even think is going to happen. 
I hate getting along with people. Especially ones that I don't know that much. 
She said they will take two hours or so at the dinner party which means that I'm gonna be stuck with some guy for whole two hours. 
This night couldn't have gotten any more annoying. 

 "Now, remember. Try to get along with Zach. "
 She says and I stop on my tracks immediately as I turn to look at her with my brows raised and my eyes widens. 

 Zach?  His son is Zach? 

 "The name is zach? "
 I raise my brows at her and she nods before knocking on the door. 

 It's Zach. Oh my god. It's Zach, what will happen? 
The... The son of my mom's boyfriend is Zach? 
I shave my head. No, I'm just been paranoid. 
Anyone can goes with the name Zach, after all there are over billions of people in the world. 
It couldn't probably be the Zach that I know, right? 

 "Good evening. "
 The voice says and my breathing hitches immediately. 
I can recognize that voice. From anywhere! 

 I walk out of my mom's back as his green eyes meets with mine and his eyes widens as he stares at me before a smirk makes its say to hi lips. 

 It's really him. 
I'm doomed.



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