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    {✨Our Sinful Desires✨}

         Episode 04.


School finally ended and I had managed to scale through today. 
I managed to escape from Xander avd Madison. 
Especially Madison. I didn't see them for the rest of the day, they are probably somewhere making out with each other and the thought pleases me as much as it pain me. 
Who cares anyways? 
They can go with each other as much as they want. I don't give a damn about it. 

 "Thanks for dropping me home. "
 I smile as I undo my seatbelt and turn back to Thomas. 
After the confession I made for Xander, I thought I would probably love the rest of my high school days in disgrace, shame and hidden but Thomas proved be wrong. 
He asked me out few ways after the confession and I had accepted because I do admire him. 
He's calm and very nice and he treats me well also. 
He's the exact opposite of everything Xander is and still, I have these feelings for him. 
I want them gone. 
I've tried everything possible but it just send like the more I try pushing them away, the more they get stronger. 
The more I try denying them, the harder it is for me. 

 "It's nothing. Why wouldn't I want to drop my girlfriend? "
 He smiles and I chuckle when he suddenly leans towards me and I know exactly what he's gonna do. 
I thought of pulling away but that isn't right. 
He is my boyfriend and he has every right to. 
I have been nothing but unfair to him and that has to change. 

 He stops just the moment his nose touches mine and he stares into my eyes, probably waiting to see if I would push him away. 
I smile and look into his blue eyes. 
They are beautiful. 
He licks his lips before finally closing them on mine. 
I smile and wrap my arms around his neck, pushing him against my body and he smiles against my lips before grabbing my hip avd pulling me out of my seat. 
I nearly tripped over the divider but I'm quick to gain balance and he drops me on his lap, his arms roaming up and down my waist. 
I moan into his mouth as he bites down on my lower lip and I groan against his lips before his hands slides up my skirt and I pull back immediately. 

 "Not yet. "
 I smile and he chuckles before nodding. 

 "I know baby. I'm sorry, I lost control. "
 I nod and give a swift kiss on his lips before climbing off him, grabbing my bag and getting out of the car. 

 "I will call you. "
 He says and I nod before waving at him. 
He blows a kiss to me before driving off and I breathe out turning back and waking inside the house. 

 "Quinn, is that you? Why were you so late? "
 Mom voice booms through the room and I gasp. 
I totally forgot she said we are going to her boyfriend house. 
I don't blame her for dating after dad left her but does she really had to take me there? 

 "Mother, do I really have to go? Why don't you go alone? "
 I groan as I take the stairs to the her room and she is dressed already. 
Just doing makeup left. 

 "Yes you're going. Nathaniel wants to see you and you should see his son also. "
 His son? Great! This couldn't be any more annoying than it already is. 

 "He has a son? "
 I whine and she turns to me, giving me one of the look that says 'Shut up and go do what I asked '.

 "Fine, I'm going. "
 I roll my eyes before turning back and walking into my room. 

 Let's get go there and get this over with.



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