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     (✨Our Sinful Wants✨)

       Episode 03.


I couldn't make it to biology thanks to Xander, and her stupid red haired girlfriend Madison. 
I sigh as the bell jingled and I pack my books from the desk, making my way out if the class towards my locker only to bump into him. 
Oh god. Why do I feel meeting him? 
It's insane and it's driving me crazy. 

 "Wow, two times in a row, are you stalking or following me Quinn. "
 He smirks and I roll my eyes, trying to walk away but instead he looks my path. 

 "What do you want from me Xander?! What's your fucking problem? '"
 I yell, my face must be so red right now and he stops for a moment. 
Just staring at me before shaking his head and chuckling. 
Of course, he would always act like a jerk he is. 

 "Why would I want anything from you? "
 He raises his brows at me and I roll my eyes again like I did the first time. 

"Well, let's see maybe because you wouldn't stop following me around. 
I know you are doing it on purpose but could you just please don't find another person to play with. 
I'm not in for your stupid games! "
 I yell and I'm glad that no one is coming at this side of the halls. 

 "What a pity. I can't do that cause no one is fun to play with, like you are. "
 He smirks and I roll my eyes before proceeding to walk away when he grabs my wrist and it burns where he touches immediately. 
I stare at him before taking my gaze back to where he's holding. 
I gull in and shake my head, closing my eyes before opening them back. 
No, this isn't right. 
He's only trying to taunt me. This isn't right. Not a single bit. 
 "Let go of me. "
 My voice comes out strained and small as if I had been forced to say that and I hate myself for it. 
I hate my voice for coming out like that. 

 "So you really want me to let go of you ? Are you sure?" 
 He raises his brows at me, a smirk making its way to his lips and I breathe out as he steps closer to me. 
My heart is beating fast against my chest and my eyes are roaming his. 

 "Like she said, let go of her. "
 I hear Thomas voice and I breathe out as Xander chuckles and take a step back away from me, staring between the two of us. 
 "And if I don't? "
Xander raises his brows and Thomas begins to walk towards him but I'm quick to step away from Xander, jerking my hand away from him. 
 "I will leave you two. Goodbye Quinn. "
 He winks before walking away. 
 "Are you okay? "
 He asks but instead of answering, I hat grab his hand, heading towards the janitor closet. 

 "What did he said to you? Are you okay? "
 I shake my head and stalk towards him, jumping on him and closing my lips on his. 
It takes him by surprise cause I'm never the one to do this. 
We barely kiss.
I can possibly count the times we have kissed ever since we have been dating for the past five months and it's ten. 
We have only kissed ten Times but I'm angry. 
My blood is boiling and I need to get my head off him. 
I need a distraction. 

 Once again, Xander has succeeded in messing up with my head.


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