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      {✨Our Sinful Wants✨}

       Episode 16.



I shift uncomfortably between my legs before gazing back to look at Thomas who is still staring at me. 
I shake my head at him and take his hand, heading him away from there when Xander steps in front of us and when I look back, Zach is staring at me with a expression that I can't point out. 
Students.. Girls surrounds him while I look back at Xander who is staring at me. 
I roll my eyes and cross my arms against my chest. 

  "How may I help you? "
 I raise my brows at him and he chuckles before he starts stepping closer to me when Thomas steps beside me, pulling me back. 

  How is it possible? I don't know exactly. 
Before Zach came, I was very much in love with Xander.. I could feel it, I knew it. 
But when I saw Zach, it feels like all those feelings washed down the drain and now all my brain is wrapped around us Zach.. Zach and Thomas. 

   Maybe I had been mistaken. 
Maybe I had just missed Zach so much and took him for Xander. 
That could be possible right?
When you miss someone so much and you try looking at someone that behaves like them. Not in the same exact way but nearly close. 
Maybe I had just missed Zach so much, that I thought Xander could feel that void. 
And he did. For a moment, I forgot about Zach and whatever it is that happened between us. 

 Until I confessed to this jerk stranding before me and he rejected me.. Rudely! 
I can't ever forget the deep sting in my heart when that happened. 
It hurt like hell but I'm glad Thomas was there to pull me back to. 
The same Thomas that I can't help but to feel like I'm unfaithful to him. 

  "Stay the fuck away from her! "
 Thomas growls and when I stare at Xander, he chuckles shaking his head. 

 "Man ,I will talk to whoever I want to especially when it's one that loves me. "
 He grins and I want to slap that grin off his face. 
Thomas looks back at me and the expression on his face made me feel so guilty. 
Like I had just stabbed him through the heart. 

 "No, I don't anymore. I promise you, not even a inch. "
 I breathe out and he stares back at Xander whose eyes are on me, his mouth slightly hang open with his eyes boring into mine and I look away from him. 

  I stare back at Zach and he's still been surrounded. 

  "That's exactly not true. Did you said that to make him feel better? ''
 He laugh and I roll my eyes. "Cause I can still remember that day. The look you had on when you had told me you do. "
 He laughs again and I roll my eyes once again. 
Why exactly is he dragging this so much? 
He just always seem to want to find a way to taunt me. 

  "I can vividly remember how broken you were when I told you the... "
 Before he could complete his words, Thomas fist meets with his jaw and I gasp, my eyes wide and my mouth open.




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