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     {✨Our Sinful Wants✨}

        Episode 15.



 "I won't do anything. I promise you. "
 I hope and pray that it's true. 

   "You can't be sure of that. I know how you guys were and I don't want you stolen from me anymore. Especially after these few days, things have been so good between us. Why does this shit had to happen now?! "
  He yells and I bite down on my lip, absolutely having nnothing to say. 
I understand where he's coming from and I want to comfort him, to tell him that I won't ever have anything to do with him but won't I? 
Can I really keep that promise to him? To myself? 
Especially knowing how I can be when I'm with Zach? 

    "I won't. "
I take a long stride to close the distance between us and I place my hand against his cheek, his skin cold against my touch and he stares down, not even trying to meet my eyes. 

 I sigh before taking another step closer to him. 
 "Hey look at me. "
 I say again and he raised his eyes at me, his expression is doleful and his breathing is erratic as he breathes out in high puffs. 

 "I promise you that I will get my possible best to jerk away from him. I wouldn't do anything foolish, I promise you that. I know you don't believe me and I.. I don't really believe myself either but you're here and you're with me.
You can stop me from doing anything foolish, I will try my best also so please don't avoid me or pull away from me because of this. "
 My eyes are turning and he sighs. 
Thomas has become a huge importance in my life. 
He has been with me, stayed by me more than anyone else within these few past months and I.. I don't want to hurt him. I never do but then there's Zach and Zach knows how to get what he wants from me. Easily. 

 I'm almost always at his mercy no matter how much I try to control it. 
I try so hard but it's all effortless cause I always end up falling in his trap. Well laid trap. 

  "I don't know babe but I don't want to lose you. " He crinkles his nose and I smile, nodding before leaning into him, touching my lips in a gentle manned to his. 
He's surprised. I know it caught him off guard cause of the way his body stills and he stays for a moment before wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me even more closer to his chest and I breathe out into his mouth. A breath of relief. 

  I wrap my arms around his neck and he press his body closer to mine, his hand going down to my ass and squeezing it softly in his hand, which made my body trembles. 

  "Awnn, look it's the lovely couple. "
 When I pull back, Zach and Xander are standing in the hallway with some students gazing at us and I gulp in.



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